Sunday, January 22, 2006

latest loving news from The Hill=آخرین اخبار عاشقانه از این تپه ی مهرآباد

23/01/2006 / 10:39

Peace on lovers of Truth, Beauty and Existence.

Just received the good news of the lovers coming ‘home’:
sister Raini and brother Bill will be here for the coming Dhuni!
For those who love GOOD ‘quality;
music her arrival IS a good news!

In a reply I shared some of my pleasant pain in the heart regarding my ancient old opposition to the mass mentality of our people. Herenow, it is me and REAL Perisan cultural Heritage (symbolised in respecting Life, Love and Happiness),
against the false unreal identities, such as dominant male-oriented mass mentality
of Iranian modern culture.

So I paste the relevant part and beg for His mercy on me and this brother!

because I have intended to make a ‘false attack’ at his ‘head’ (mentality),
to change his ‘mood’ to a REAL PEACE and HAPPINESS, in his heart (which at this moment is filled with no-love, for Mohsen!

Your comments are appreciated

“…. Wonderful to be here and now, with such lovely people. This morning again i told an Irani brother that i if 'their number is more than 1% of the population here, i will shave my beard!'

...assured the brother who is 'upset' with me that i will not let it stay in his heart and will remove this feeling for him! be honest with you, you are the only person who knows about this, my intention! i want to 'play' my role, as an individual human being, in a responsible way, so to expose/remove much misunderstanding which exists between a few Iranis here.

He gave me an 'indirect' lecture about 'Iranian culture', on a sudden meeting yesterday morning ! i did not have the time to go on, but i promised him to follow up the 'cultural' discussion.

Now this morning he even refused to look at me and said he has 'no time' to talk to me! Very funny indeed. Yet since i need to fulfil my promise, i will play a nice 'duel' with him in front of some witnesses. ....and her .....were talking at the darshan time that night; and they walked back with this Irani brother .............then all of a sudden his 'friendliness' with me changed and he started 'attacking me', by 'defending' the other person who violated the silence of that place by her LOUD 'nasty non-sense' comment to me, and now he is defending 'his culture' against mine! ....thinking that i am a shame to 'his' culture. so wonderful!
i can see him as a 'typical' Irani 'male religious mentality, for which 'nationality' (his own way of behaviour of course!) is a 'real' identity and will 'defend' this against the real values of love and service, which both happen in silence.

Modern Iranian mass mentality is suffering much from various diseases of prejudice and superstitions....... 2500 years of ruling mad kings and now these 26 years of hypocrite rulers had made MUCH damage to the collective psyche of Iranians and a BASIC deconditioning program is BADLY needed............ until then, I feel responsible to differentiate such ignorance and arrogance from our REAL Persian Heritage, which Meher Baba is THE BEST example of : Loving, Caring, Serving.

So when I see the 'opposite' of such divine qualities in a few persons whose dual minds are fearful and cunning, and they try to 'bite' or 'sting' me with their 'unclean' mass mob mentalities, spreading lies and rumours to 'destroy' me somehow, then I cannot just smile and keep my fingers locked (mouth SHUT!) __ as some friends advise!

It is ONLY the matter of loving and caring for them that makes my put energy, here and there, to tell them that they should not be afraid of me or anybody else! The only fear they should have is from their FAT FAT egos! That is ALL.

But a few are so 'glued' to this FAT ego that no fasting and austerity, nor any of Baba's advises to get rid of the nasty ego helps them. No regiment helps, but a sudden 'needle' for their bubbly bubbly, illusory mortal egos. Enough for now……… sorry for sharing the pleasant pain in my heart!”


Blogger maryam said...

when you have pain in your heart i feel i have it are not alone .you are there.with him...
i trust are the best freind for anybody.children.others and the best my freind .
you are not alone.he is with you.goodluck.(assaadimaryam)
12:17 PM  

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