Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Love = Infinite Intelligence

Yes, and see what i got in response to those words of Beloved Baba.... a brother writes out of his own personal experience of love:

"........ love is real intelligence capable of realizing truth

If this is not what is sometimes referred to as Infinite Intelligence,
I'll eat my lovely chinese sandals."

And i added this in reply:
"Ok. dear, no need to eat them.... i also feel so, it MUST be...... just think of the intelligence beating from the very first moment of conception, to form THE HEART organ, to be filled with love, later. Of course, if the emotional experiences of that particular 'heart' are not 'love-conducing', it can be filled with 'hatred' and other 'negative emotions'! "


Blogger Virus said...
گر رسوا می خواهی ، ور شیدا می جویی / کو از من رسواتر ، کو از من شیدا تر = دکتر مصفا
3:25 PM  

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