Saturday, May 27, 2006


“Baba is the soul of souls,
The Beloved of Gods,
The Life of His Lovers
And He is the slave of His dear Ones”

Dear Baba lovers,

We delightfully invite you to ‘Meher Fest’ organized at ‘MeherDham’ in Fathegarh (district : Farrukhabad) . This newly developed Baba centre is the result of Baba’s grace and endless combined effort of our family and Baba lovers who really joined together to establish the centre especially at a place where people hardly knew about Baba ( The Avatar).

Surprisingly from the time the statue has been placed in the centre Baba has been performing miracles in the lives of His Lovers and thus has placed His divine love in the hearts and minds of poeple once devoid of spirituality and love. Thus we planned to organize two days festival for our Beloved Baba on June 10th and 11th 2006, and lovingly invite each and every Baba lover to experience the outpour of the infinite bliss and see Baba in all His Glory. As we know that it’s the plan of Baba to reach to those who are aware as well as those who are still unaware of the Avatarhood of baba we request all lovers to gather at ‘Meherdham’ and share the gaiety and receive His blessing.

Beloved God is the Goal Love is the Means
The Lover can reach the Beloved through love.

Day: 10th and 11th June, 2006.
Venue: Avatar Meher Baba Sewa Samiti
Meher Dham , Yaquitganj ,
Fatehgarh District Farrukhabad
(Uttar Pradesh) India
mobile no. 09336063350

Contact: voluntary programme are invited on prior intimation basis.

Jai Baba


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