Wednesday, January 25, 2006

بازی تازه شروع شدهThe game already started

بازی تازه شروع شدهThe game already started

25/01/2006 / 21:02

Just called .... and made an announcement that if he had found me ‘guilty’ of anything, 'I will shave my beard'!! and since he was asking about my ‘wife’, I will show just a glimpse of her picture tomorrow at the breakfast table, so he learns not to interfere in a matter which is “none of his …. Business”! { …= Some common American ‘spice of tongue’ needed for his taste!}
How funny the show will be.

Already on my way back from Darshan told Gary that there is some misunderstanding between me and an Irani brother, and.... got himself caught up in it, so if tomorrow morning there is some ‘hot debate’ in the dining hall, be informed that ‘it is all a SHOW, a JOKE’!
Yes, to laugh out to this stupid artificial sanskaras which some people are producing around here. On the way back, brother K tried to convince me that I should leave them alone, but my point is that if I do so, they go more and more away from love and carry this dis-ease of hatred in their heart. Their egos, ALREADY inflated with all kinds of ‘winds’, will become more SOLID!

My intention is to bring this ‘OLD OLD wound’ to the surface so they can see its ugliness. This is THE ONLY WAY now. Too late for any ‘medication’. Only a ‘surgery’ is need now. This cancer of egoism and national pride and arrogance (both American and Iranian Type, which ARE actually the same ‘stupidity’ of men ___their rulers fight each other, while their people suffer from ignorance of them, people pay the price for the stupidity of their rulers.) has gone so deep into their conditioned mind, which ONLY a DRAMATIC de-conditioning is needed. When I refused to come down from my stand (running this show for their benefit!), he also asked me not to talk to him anymore.

So tomorrow morning at breakfast I shall bring up the ‘famous question of “why you hate me? Why you fear me? Will write it in TWO languages and will take them to “those who are concerned”!! What else I can do, except playing my part in this leela, well enough. If my B.S. in SUNYAB has been ‘Interactive Media’, so I shall play it well, with totality = to interact via the medium of ‘theater’, in order to raise an emotional question for contemplation/consideration (in the ATTITUDE domain of Human Capabilities) ……. 21:43… better post this and do some other work……Jay Baba……


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