Monday, June 19, 2006

Baba on Meherabad /Why Silence is so important Up the Hill?

About Meherabad, Baba says:
In the future, Meherabad will be like Jerusalem for my spiritual work. It is the best place; it will always be the center of My work.”

“This whole universe is Mine, but this place is especially mine.”

After experiencing SOME 'real things' inside that 'center' (The T.O.M.B. =The Omnipresent Meher Baba) myself; and watching the SAME effects on others; AND also after reading Bal Natu's book about the importance of that place, it is NOT just a coincidence that i write about MAINTAINING the silence there! Or is it?!

So, here, i ask and beg from ALL the 'baba-lovers' (or 'Baba-likers'!) to respect the silence there (Around the Samadhi i mean!) and leave their 'chit-chats' for OTHER places (the area is vast and they can take their words OUTSIDE the Samadhi area.)

The only 'problem' is that people, especially children, LEARN BY EXAMPLE! If the Bhaktas who are somehow 'in charge', do not respect and maintain the silence, how are we going to expect that others do it? ANY IDEA?!


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