Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Baba Center in Yaqut Ganj, UP/back to Delhi

Jay Baba....long time, no post! The bus ride from Dehradun to Farrukhabad was fun. Wish i had a AV recorder to r\capture some of the scenes and the noises on the way....Got off from the bus around 2:30 am in a street where there were only some dogs hanging around! But thanks Babaji and to the Saxena family coordination, i could find 2 cycle-riskshaws to take me where uncle PB saxena came to guide them to Yaqut Ganj... what a wonderful ride in the dark and empty streets and the road....after about 40 minutes ride arrived at the place, which is on the road side and open fields on both sides..... a new beautiful small 'Samadhi-shaped' mandir and a big satsang hall next to it.... did not sleep the rest of the night and spent it inside the mandir.... very fine vibrations there..... the mella was to start the next day (sat. 10th) and the day passed without sleep, getting familiar with the people and the surrounding. In the afternoon, took a ride on the tractor to the nearby villages, with the daff, to announce the 'function' (the 2 day mella or gathering of Baba lovers), playing along with the music ..... was my first CLOSE encounter with the typical Inidan village life.... As usual, surprized welcoming looks from the people, MANY children following the tractor.... i was the only 'foreigner' in the mella and maybe they have not seen one for a long time!... the whole event has been recorded on DVD and hope i get a copy to share with you sometime..... the facilities for accomodation could be more adequate and they promised to prepare them in future....The saxena family were very kind and loving and wanted me to stay for a longer period there, but i just could not. May be next time, when the facilities are developed..... the train ride from Farrukhabad to Delhi with all my luggage was another challenge, which went fine.... arrived in Delhi on Tuesday the 13th and straight to Baba center, where i could rest and make up for the sleepless nights at Yaqut Ganj... started my yogasanas here again after SO long...
Now i need to find a place to fix my Apple Mac laptop here.......... it is a challenge for me to come here __ Nehru Place, (70-100 Rs. round trip with rikshaw), a very huge commercial complex __ and check my mail everyday! Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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