Wednesday, June 21, 2006

first 'public' announcement for 'An Old Future Dream' (3)

Jay Baba.... were surffing Baba's OASIS on the net and found out about their classified ad service, so i put the following ad, which is the FIRST 'public' announcement of my Mass Media Project (other than in this blog!) The ad reads as following with a photo of mine, riding on my orange bike in Meherabad sacred land, received today from dear brother Michael Ney, from Australia.

Who has enough TIME/LOVE for this 'dream' to come TRUE?

Jay Baba, i have "AN OLD FUTURE DREAM" (since 1976)to spread message of Peace/love/service to Persian and English speaking people.Need to have our own INDEPENDENT audio-visual-internet Broadcasting station Up the Magic Hill. Need ALL sorts of expertise.Please Read more in archive, under AN OLD FUTURE DREAM, in / Jay Baba


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