Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The first response to the ad, from USA

Jay Baba and thanks Him for this....came from webmaster of www.jaibaba.com, this morning, a reply, the first one, to my ad there, regarding the MOBILE MASS MEDIA project in Meherabad.

"Name: Scott
Subject: Who has enough TIME/LOVE for this 'dream' to come TRUE?Date: 06/27/2006Message: Jai Baba from USA! I love your ideas of creating some kind of inter-active blog/show from Baba's samadhi. I think we already have all the necesary tools. Perhaps Baba will assist with the finances when the time is right? Have you seen the new GarageBand program for Mac? it could be helpful to you: http://www.apple.com/ilife/ garageband/ InHis Love, Scott"

and in response to him, i wrote:

"....Yes, when 'the time is right' (which is soon) Babaji himself will provide everything..... we need AS MUCH AS MORAAL SUPPORT at this stage, 'gross energy= cash' will come, if this 'emotional/moral energy' is sufficient enough...."


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