Tuesday, June 27, 2006

IF Baba is what He is.....

just typed these words of Baba from The Avatar, Vol.4, 20th May 1985, No.18...... that 'if', in the beginning is very interesting.... the emphasis is mine (as usual!)

"if I am what I am, it is all the more natural for you, not to be able to understand all that i wish to express; and why at all I say all that I say.....It has been going on like this for thousands of thousands of years.... If I am The Highest of the High, i know best why jesus was crucified and whu Mohammad was stoned.... For all the so-called 'good' and 'bad' things said about them, by the so-called good and bad people. They do not understand next to nothing about Christ and Mohammad, about Ram and Krishna, Zoroaster, and Buddha, and about all the things that they said and did.

For all its power of achievement in the gross sphere, the faculty of human knowledge has its limitations within the intellect. None is at fault therefore, just as child is not held responsible for the things which are beyond the power of its understanding. But all things have their uses. A lullaby is as useful as a lecture, A thing does not cease to be useful simply becuase it is not within the grasp of one's understanding.

Those who believe in Me, yet feel like questioning my words and actions are weak in their convictions and belief in Me. If you maintain a tight and lasting grip on my DAAMAN, you will remain with Me on the highest of levels or the lowest; wherever I am,wherever I may be..... Where the kite goes, its tail goes, as long as it sticks to the kite. So long as you keep your grip tight, it matters little whether you are a saint or a sinner.

This reminds me of an incident of my childhood: once i stuck on to my kite, with what I thought was good gum, a strip of paper to serve as its tail; but when i sent up the kite, the tail came off and was lost. i was bent upon my kite having a tail, and, with some sticky filth near at hand, I stuck on another tail. This time it remained stuck and irrespective of what it had been fixed with, kept flying the kite.

To stick to me means to keep me pleased at the cost of your own comforts and pleasures. it means to remain resigned to my will, whether you keep good health or bad, whether you make money or lose it, and whether you gain name and fame or become the laughing stock of others...."


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