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Responding to a response about the silence up the Magic Hill!

Jay Baba, just replied to a dear sister from USA, to clarify some points....appreciate and invite your comments/suggesions..............yours in Him............... Italics are hers.............

".........Thank you again for responding…. I am glad you did, because it gives me a chance to clarify some points for everyone, may this bring peace and understanding among our family members, AMEEN.
As I said before, I feel there is some misinterpretation, or presumption here, so I try to clear it up by reading your letter together once more!

... However, I must disagree with the first part of this link relating to Silence.
Good! Since it was a ‘unit’, what about the other paragraphs and the overall tune of it?

MY feeling, and I stress it is just MY feeling is that Baba loved the innocence of children and those with special needs. He adored music and dancing on the hill and loved a good drama too.:)

Yes dear, my point was NOT about ‘innocent children’ playing…..and music and dancing…..
I used ‘children’ as a good ‘proof’ for the slowly, but surely EROSION of the silence UP THE HILL….. it happens IN GENERATION and NOT overnight! As a matter of fact, the noise of children being happy and playing does not bother me at all, ALTHOUGH THAT PARTICULAR place is NOT for ‘playing’ and children can learn from the very beginning to respect the silence of ONE limited particular area called Samadhi, IF AND ONLY IF the grown ups respect it! And my concern are the ‘adults’ here, and to be more specific, ‘THOSE IN CHARGE’, Or being even MORE specific, those of Baba’s blood-family! I hope you get my point by now, if not, please read on!

As a mother of a special needs child I must have great compassion for any mother or father who prays out loud for their child. It is often a desperate situation and while I remained silent during my deep hearted prayers for my children in the tomb I wept silently.

Yes dear, I understand your position, sympathize with you and know where you are coming from. Yet, PLEASE note that the situation I was witnessing was NOTHING like that, AT ALL. It was PURE ‘picnic’ scene and 100% ‘socialization’, which I am NOT even against these ‘natural’ things, as long as it is NOT LOUD and within that limited area. Even socialization can happen in silence! But the problem is the ‘chattering mind’ and the desire to empty out its ‘load of noise’ ANYWHERE, regardless of anything!

But would you have rung your bell if I had choked accidentally on my tears? Guess I am glad I did not.

Oh, come on, dear, PLEASE! Accident or not accident, I am not even against any noisy expression of natural emotions! It can be a LOUD CRY of Joy, or very loud Weeping and morning! ALL I was saying, and my words are written and witness, was that ‘The Samadhi area is NOT for chit chatting’! Or is it? THAT IS ALL.
This morning, after the arti, just to test the RANGE of receptivity of the noise, I stroke the bell twice, once while I was near the stage (opposite the tomb), and once a bit further away, toward my home in Meher colony. And both times it WAS HEARD INSIDE the tomb! (I asked a person who was just about to receive the ‘real thing’, while having Baba’s darshan!) So how about this? People arrive to the area with the SAME voice volume, as in the street or the dining hall, and this is clearly heard INSIDE the tomb. That little fence is NO BARRIER for the sound frequencies. And interestingly enough, there is only ONE small ‘Silence please’ over the bench, and it is often ignored by those who are supposed to maintain the place! Physically they may do so and are particular about it, BUT when it comes to this issue (The silence needed to receive the ‘real thing’ from Baba), who cares? People naturally forget to turn their mobiles off, but there is NOT even one sign to remind them….. See my ‘window’ now?

I thank Baba that all these politics around the Samahdi occurred just as I was leaving India. GEEZ!!!! Makes me very disheartened.

Well, I do not know about that, but I do not see this issue and anything ‘political’! If it was, I would keep my mouth shut (fingers locked!!) and would not care about the issue.
It is RATHER an ‘educational’ issue, if you want to label THIS particular issue!

. And I believed you were one who did NOT give judgement or get involved in the politics of the Center.

Well dear you were RIGHT and if you can trust me and read my words AGAIN, you will SEE that I am not passing any judgements and am not interested in the power-trips and ‘politics’ in ANY FORM. If I was, I would act differently! BUT, it does not mean that when I see something ‘odd’ and harmful happens, I keep my mouth shut just to save my neck from being chopped! My past work and old life is a witness to this fact and my new life will also shows that I am NOT a ‘politician’ in ANY garb!

But PLEASE....a bit more compassion for voices.

I love ALL voices, as long as they do not disturb the UNIQUE silence of the Samadhi area.
AGAIN, a voice can sing a beautiful song for babaji, that is FINE and even HELPS…., my only point is that there are SO MANY places to chitchat in Meherabad, why not respect the silence on the Samadhi area? Clear enough me dear?

Baba was silent but all I have read he loved joyous noise, games, plays, children, dancing, singing.

Yes, no doubt, but you also know his reaction to ANY noise when he was in seclusion.
If He suffered SO MUCH for our well beings and said that “REAL THINGS ARE GIVEN AND RECEIVED IN SILENCE”, so why deprive others from such ‘dealing’ by carrying the ‘orders of the chattering mind’, WHILE coming for the Darshan? Now I really hope I have made myself clear from any interpretations!

Who are you to decide dear one.

Well, if you mean that I am a ‘nobody’ and a ‘false self’, I agree with you, yet, if you want an intelligent answer for this ‘statement’, I need to say that I am God, in this form; and Baba is in me as He is in you or everybody else. AND also I am NOT deciding anything! I am just a ‘selfish’ guy (which self ? YOU ‘decide’ please!) just wishing to receive some ‘REAL THING’ from God; AND since I do not see myself ‘separate’ than those standing in the Darshan queue, I CAN and WILL speak for them too, it is my ‘divine duty and responsibility’ and I am NOT going to ‘shirk’ it for the sake of my own 'interest' and the ‘power-politics’ around here. If you believe that the Captain Does everything, please just ‘suppose’ that He had sent me on a ‘mission impossible/possible’ to remind some people to respect the silence at His Tomb.!

I never placed myself in a position to voice these opinions other than the opinion that Baba would take care of what he did not like.

If you STILL think that what I witness here around 7-8 am/pm, is just my ‘opinion’ and not a fact, I may record some audiotape for you to hear the noise! Please send a postal address, if you doubt my words! And HOW can you ‘judge’ that THIS is not His ‘wish/will’?

He is not in the body so have you taken his place? Then you have become the priest and cleric.

Sorry dear, cannot agree with your ‘judgement’….. I am just doing a ‘selfish’ thing for my’self’ (others included) and if I ‘had become’ what you said I have, I would be in a TOTALLY different position now and at least had some kind of ‘benefits’!!! Do you think that the ‘priests’ do their thing for free and against their own interest?!!!

Embrace India.:) I miss it here in the busy states, Jai Baba,

Well done, She is waiting for you………"


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