Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hottest 'loving' news, so far!

Jay Baba.... following is the most up to date LOVING news i have, for those who love it HOT!
it is in the form of a few emails, back and forth, about my 'intrusiveness' and how i am being treated by the 'dark forces'! Enjoy! i changed the order of them, to be comprehensible!


my response (9:09 pm WEdnesday):
Yes, truly i DO feel lucky! i arrived this afternoon just to find out that the STAFF do not recognize my UN paper and asked me to go to the local police for registration, BEFORE i can check in! So, since it was late for any office work, tonight i have to stay in a 'store room' in the village, without any window' , so i can go and face the police tomorrow!
Thanks to the Saghi!

Just to let you know that there are MANY others who feel differently, i will post the following, which i just received along with YOUR comment! Jay Baba and we will keep in touch.

(a letter from a brother from Australia, about my 'intrusiveness':)

"...The only thing 'intrusive' about you is your obvious love.
Your beautiful shining eyes that pour 'The Light' onto everyone who
is fortunate enough to meet you.
This is a joy and a blessing for those that are truly open to receiving
such love and inner beauty, but I am sure that it 'disturbs' people
who are not truly open. People who live in the darkness of their
separative ego-minds, whilst pretending to be open and loving.
Just your mere presence makes such people feel very insecure, and
unconsciously aware of their own hypocrisy-uncleanliness.
All you can do is just continue to be the beautiful soul that you are,
and try your best to simply ignore such flawed souls, and not get
caught-up in the separative games they try and get rid
of you and your shining light.
Much Love and Great Poise
In Baba's Infinite Grace and Mercy"

And the 'stroy' begings here, when i wrote an email to 'pimco' for reservation (on Monday, the 4th), and i get such response!

"...After discussion we can offer you a one week booking at Meher>Pilgrim Retreat starting Wednesday 6/9 to 13/9 at which time if there have>been no complaints about you being intrusive with people we may extend>your>booking for a further week. Please arrive at Meher Pilgrim Retreat before>1800 and pay for your weeks stay.

So i reply on Tuesday, just before i leave for Nagar :
Re: reservation for mohsenkhatamiDate: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 10:30:30 +0530*Jay Baba, Jay Mani, Jay Mehera*Dear sister PatThank you for the response.i just love to know WHO is/are saying this NONSENSE about me being'intrusive' with people! *WHICH* people? i actually know a number of 'persons' who hate me there and do their 'best'to get rid of mohsen, which is fine with me; BUT if you introduce EVEN ONE person who can openly and honestly say HOW i have been 'intrusive' withhim/her, you will win a prize from me!

Some poor/weak souls can only *'project'* their OWN weaknesses/shadows on aperson like me, who can 'reflect' their weaknesses, in SILENCE, withoutDOING anything. i CAN tell you *WHO have been* 'intrusive'/ ABUSIVE to me, anumber of times! *Do you want to know?!***i appreciate a 'family investigation' into this matter!

As long as the 'Captain Saghi' is pleased with me and my work, i can care less about such accusations and actually welcome them, from Mr. Fume ,to...... whoever is so fearful and hateful to backbite and spread lies andrumours! They need only compassion and some real TREATMENT!

Too bad Meherabad does not have a 'mental/emotional' rehabilitation facility for such weak/poor souls, YET!.....if they are honest and have the guts,they must reveal their identity and be truthful to YOU, at least!Thank you, and will see you soon ..... my love for all of you who honestlyand sincerely work for LOVE = God = Babaji..... Even my love and prayersgo for those who can only 'accuse' and backbite! May Baba cure them from their 'dis-eases'! Ameen.....Ameen..............Ameen...............

Jay Baba...more HOT news may be under way, it is ALL His wish and Leela and i am going to play it accordingly! Huu


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