Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Friend or Enemy?!

Jay Baba, this morning had a 15 minutes discussion with an American brother about the issues concerning Baba's 'Path' (Religion!) in Future! (When the 'priests' completely take over the 'movement'!) Again, found it difficult to get my point across! That layer of 'colored lenses' (mental conditioning) does not allow! He says that 'Love for God' is what is matters and not all these 'small issues'!!! But i say that 'love for God = love for people' and THIS love brings RESPONSIBILITY and when you want to fulfil your SOCIAL responsibility, the 'enemies of Truth/God' = Those Who Lie, do not like you and try to get rid of you, by ALL means available to them! Even those whom you love and are sleeping', hate you for attempting to wake them up!
If 'Love for God' was so 'easy and safe', this 'Path of Love' was not called 'The Path Full of Blood'!!!
To make my point MORE clear, i say to all concerned that ' i am your friend'!
Those who see me as an enemy, may consult a 'divine OPTICIAN' to remove the 'colored lens' from their eyes! ..... and to support my point, i just paste the following, i found somewhere in my emails!

"There are only two people who can tell
you the truth about yourself
-an enemy who has lost his temper and
a friend who loves you dearly
."~ Antisthenes


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