Monday, October 02, 2006

After the last post i got some responses which i bring two here, and my response to them:

1.Very sorry to hear this. How terrible...To keep things in balance, please also report on the wonderful things that happen up on the Hill... Otherwise people who have not been there beforemight think that it is all quite hellish up there!!!!In His Love and Mercy,F.

2. On 10/1/06, Scott Lesniewski wrote: I pray that Baba offers some "solution" to this sceneright away.and for the mental and spiritual health of mentioned offender.sad to hear of such behavior.and for sure, there are plenty in Baba's family who have come from other teachers. What should this matter when you are with Baba and at his tomb site?Jai Baba to you Mohsen and all InHisLove, Scott

Dear Scott and all

Thank you for the response(s) and PLEASE NOTE that such 'games' are very 'natural' and ordinary in such atmosphere! i am, in NO WAY, hurt personally, or feel bad about it.
My only ONLY concern is the spiritual preservation of the area, which must remain sacred and holy.

Please do not feel 'bad' about such games! It is His wish and we all play a 'role' in His Leela.
The ONLY 'solution' to such problems is that we each become MORE aware in our daily activities.

Thank Him and all of you.
PS. THERE IS MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE soft and loving parts to life in Meherabad, than such 'negative' experiences, SO PLEASE do not imagine that this is ALL what goes on here. NO, the number of wonderful loving people here are FAR MORE than those who want to keep sleeping!

Loving you all


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