Thursday, September 14, 2006

How to LIVE? With fear or with LOVE? The two cannot co-exist!

jay Baba...this morning received some responses,
2 of them follows (sent by email, ... = not essential words!:
First one is a response from brother Hugh .....since i am not sure
if i am allowed to publish his response (his personal journey, which could be also useful for
others), i just send you my own response and wish it can clear more 'fogs'!
The socio-cultural 'fogs' could be VERY dense, sometimes!
Second is the Poem sent by another brother from USA, who seems to be pleased with my writings!....
"....Yes, i can understand your point and agree with you in YOUR case.Yet, MY journey is of a different orientation and it IS the Bhakti Marg, as the Naadi astrologist also confirmed 2 weeks ago. It is the Way of the HEART (i raised in 'human love' when i was 7 years young!), in which mind is only used to express the feeling and emotions.
Judge by the 'fruit' of the tree, i, not only do not feel "loosing influence
and power along the way." BUT the opposite. And just for your
information, deep down and with MANY, i AM not only soft and gentle,
but VERY compassionate and THEY can feel this and respond accordingly.
Believe me not? Please Come and walk with me around the village!
i do not 'claim to be right'. i only express what i feel and the
reasoning behind it is only to clear the fog for those who have not
enough information and are unaware of the 'behind the scene', AS i was,
when arrived fresh here last year. This is my way of serving the
, whether some 'authorities like it or not.
If you/they have ANY argument and counter-reasoning, PLEASE express,
rather than suppress. it will help not only me and you, but many, who
are watching the 'show'! Again, i appreciate your kind understanding and PLEASE do NOT take this case 'personally', EVEN if i say things based on your sayings.
it IS a 'collective' issue, whether we accept it or not.
Here, for the sake of 'softness' and TRUTH, i post a wonderful poem i received this morning from a dear brother in USA. We shall keep the channel open.
The First 'channel' is the HEART and then the communication via the mind/net! Enjoy it:
Although nobody ever taught me that,
I did have a feeling,that we are guided by somebody.
Our ancestors lived and workedin the name of God.
A new age has arrived, nobody thinks of God's name.
I found a book,and began to abide by His laws.
It happened in February,that I experienced enchanting revelation.
Emanating Magic Light,with currents of thoughts.
I'm that God,whom you see now.
I asked that Eternal Light:
what about the questionof death and life?
That Exquisite Being answered:
A person constantly stealing, destroying and killing,
enters eternal Darkness.
To a person abiding by my laws,
I give more lives,not only one.
Good Lord, my God,I breathe with gratitude,
I understood just now,how to live.
Miloslava Drsková.

Yes, it is ALL about HOW TO LIVE, WITH FEAR or WITH LOVE? the two cannot co-exist!


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