Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Since it is a 'collective issue'

Jay Baba, this is a 'dialog' between me and a dear brother from USA.
i post it here for those who visit here and are not in my mailing list.
The intention is to give information about Baba and His ways!
The Italic are his words
Dear brother Hugh
Jay Baba and Thank you VERY much for your prayers and comments. i love it, since it gives me the chance to shed light on some 'dark' corners and bring up new angles to look at the picture.
If you trust me to be your brother, as you do, and our feelings show, PLEASE, i beg you to be patient with me and ponder about my response, even if it may NOT be to your satisfaction. PLEASE!
I must tell you that the tone of your recent emails feels like you have become the guardian watchdog at the Center.
Well, if this is what you dig, and if this is Beloved have honored me with, i accept it and appreciate it. You are a 'manager' and know how 'systems' work! ANY system, if lacks a 'watchdog' (criticism) will ROT. Yes? So i appreciate my divine 'dogness' at His Kingdom.
No doubt what you observe does happen.
Yes, and being trained as a 'reporter' (By whom, ultimately?) gives me the privilege! If i do not report it to 'you', WHO will?

That however leaves me with several questions. First, what is your intention by pointing out all these thing to us?
My responsibility to my own 'self' (true or false?, YOU judge!) to express what is in my heart (rather to suppress it!) + my 'social responsibility' toward those who are UNAWARE of the 'happenings' + my Obedience to my Beloved,...... if that is enough of 'intention'!

Do you expect action or discipline or rebuke or to make us aware that those who speak Baba's name as still struggling with their egos?
i do not 'expect' ANYTHING, whatever comes from Baba is welcomed here. Yet, i AM aware of the unfair/unjust/cruel measures the 'authorities' take against those who expose their hypocrisy! Yesterday the police man who had never seen me before was telling me that 'there are DOUBTS about your income source'! Who plants/pollutes such doubts in the minds of innocent people?

Is there an outcome you expect or want from us?
i have NO expectations from you. Just do my 'job' and leave it to your OWN level of understanding, awareness and courage to support 'justice' or just be a watcher, OR even to ridicule me and fight against me. That is YOUR responsibility!

Often if not always, your messages share the content of an event or happening but I never have the whole context ;
To get such 'context' you need to put some more time and review the archive in my blog!
for example, today's message. You didn't share how she was dancing,
HOW?!! Not 'sexy' of course! Was not a 'belly dance'! As innocent and joyful and ANY other dance in front of Baba/His picture.

how she might have been dressed,
A typical modest sari.
are there new rules that she violated,
What rules? Last Friday Bhauji asked Hardeep to dance before his talk. And if any sister would join, there could be no objection. Does it take a 'male' for a dance to be 'OK'?
was JD in a particularly grumpy mood,
Yes, never seen him so 'sad', due to his disappointment that 'he had returned'!

or was the place too crowded?
Was crowded enough, about 200 people altogether. What does the number of people has to do with such 'suppressive rule'?

Were there other things going on that we do not understand or know about such as incomplete rituals?
How can i know? All i SEE is that slowly the 'unimportant things' are becoming 'IMPORTANT' to the cost of 'important things' becoming 'UNIMPORTANT'. Baba 'orders' us to be 'honest', BUT obeying Him is not important!

I would also ask you to reflect on your life's experience in Iran to see how your interpretation and reaction to the things you see might be influenced by those earlier events.
Of course dear. No doubt about the early influences. BUT i USE them for such work which Baba has given me to do and i enjoy it! First of all, as i said, i do not 'interpret', JUST 'report' the way it is 'effective'! And my actions are NOT 'reactions', rather 'responses', and/or 'interactions'. So please differentiate between the terms!

You seem to be struggling with authority issues a lot and you certainly came from a background where authority issues are a big deal.
Yes, but WHY do i do so? Just being 'crazy'? Now, if the same 'rule' applies, and if i may be VERY honest with you, will use the same argument for the 'naive' people like Americans. (inviting more 'trouble'?!) You, being an American, may think/dream that your are 'free', but HOW can you be?__being conditioned by that 'oppressive/suppressive' system from the VERY beginning! Our difference is that you may not even be 'aware' that you can 'expose' the 'authorities'! AND if you are a 'part of it', then 'forget it'! Na? Your 'system' is SO strong that even does not allow you to 'think' to go against the 'stream'. Only brave souls like Noam Chomsky and other American 'Freedom Fighters' like him can stand up for the rights of majority of the 'Sleeping Americans' ! Much more to say about this, but leave it for later/others to comment and give the 'fuel'!
Finally I would encourage you to consider whether you think that exposure or embarrassment of individuals or groups will facilitate change?
What 'change'? Social or individual? For individuals, there is ALWAYS 'transformation', which is a 'process' rather than a sudden 'change'! Yes, i truly feel that it gives them a 'shock'! i was telling another American brother yesterday that if you see a beloved one sleeping fast and snoring and his/her house is on fire, what will you do? caress him/her to wake up? Sing lullaby for him/her to wake up? My method is pouring a glass of cold water (at least room-temp.!) over his/her face, BECAUSE i love him/her and the 'mouse' is eating up the 'black and white rope of his/her life' and the fire IS THERE!! It is my individual experience and have found it VERY effective. And since it is a process, it ADDs up!If i can use the analogy of 'transformation' of liquid water to 'vapor', EACH encounter, each drop of cold/hot water ADDs up, as the liquid must pass through 12...33...-45...67...89....91.....99.... to be transformed! it may take millions of lives, but the fact remains the same, it HAS TO BOIL!

My experience says that beyond childhood, that strategy seldom works, particularly if they have power that can be used against you.
Yes, since the child is weal and helpless, ANY force can stop him/her from being 'naughty'! If the intention is LOVING, no matter how hard it is for the ego, it STILL ADDs UP! And if i was seeking wealth and safety and comfort, i could have it by now! This Path of Bhaki is something different and i refer you once more to that 'MESSAGE' from The World Of Baba, regarding the position of Hazrat Love, in comparison to the reason's altar! i love to 'kiss' the first 'altar' and that is why i have my life up my sleeve! Being defamed, assassinated or suffered in His cause is a blessing beyond majority's grasp!

Love and peace to you brother, (you seem to need some these days) Dear brother, Again Thank you so much for your response and concern and the 'fuel'! i pray for you too. Please do NOT worry about my safety. Baba is the King here and as long as i am pleasing Him, i have no fear from these minority of 'authorities'! Best in Him for ALLHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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