Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Message from The World Of Baba

9/9/2006 / 9:54:19 PM

Jay Baba….. There are always some ‘friends’, which having them, you need not to have any ‘enemy’!

Yesterday, after Bhauji’s talk, which was about ‘responsibility’ and ‘practical truth’, I could NOT just hold myself any longer !(false or real self?!)
How could I ‘shirk’ my social responsibility?
When I announced the fresh article’s title “Corruption and Hypocrisy in His name’, it felt that no body wanted to hear it and could not even believe it! And when I said that ‘we may not see each other again’, I could feel that a few people present felt VERY happy. And later, when they saw me packing to leave the Hill, I just could see their faces shining with ‘happiness’!

Meherdokht was probably the happiest one! I might write more about this ‘sick’ sister later. (it is NO insult, just a ‘plain truth’, which Dr. Ann, or ANY doctor may confirm.

Indyra, Hardeep’s wife, was next, glowing with a smile.
Oh. Sorry, may be Jerry was the happiest of all, since he wanted me ‘removed’ from the scene, since last year, and had actually ‘warned’ me once!
And of Course, Sara and Micheal were also very delighted!
Alen, Mr, Fume, was not there, but I am sure he will be also cry with joy, “Oh, what a relief”!

When I think of who else might be delighted, I can think of the Indian sister in the ‘house keeping’ (once she told me ‘don’t think that Alen is the only one who dislike you here!’ She meant, ‘I am also hating you!’)

Ah, and of course Dolly and Jal Dastoor, Shridad, and a few more ... cannot think of whom they may be, now! (besides other names mentioned in the 'unbelievable' post.)

But HOW MANY are these people, comparing to the number of people living/visiting The Hill? Not more than 1-2% of the whole population of the people living in the area.

Now the message from “Welcome To My World” (The Tiled wall, West of MPR's dining hall)…. The first morning I was there, Sept.7 th, I read THIS poem, in Persian, on one of the tiles:
Jenabe Eshgh Ra Dargah Basi Balatar Az Aghl Ast
Kasi An Astan Busad Ke Jaan Dar Asteen Darad.

The Court of Excellency Love
is much higher than the reason/rational
One who has his life up his sleeve
can kiss that threshold.

So, for those who may think I am ‘crazy’ doing all this stuff, this poem can say something!
Jay Meher Baba


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