Friday, September 08, 2006

Corruption + hypocrisy in Baba's place/name

Jay Baba, this post was somehow very badly published, due to some technical problems. Now I edit it and republish it. Enjoy.

(Already posted for 'false/real family' members! In case something UNUSUAL happens to me, the persons named below are RESPONSIBLE for it, Besides Babaji, who directs the 'show'.

Pat Summer is a famous name for Baba-lovers. One hour ago i had the following conversation with her:

P: What is the bottom line? (regarding my registration with the local SP!)

M: i can tell you the 'middle line', but the bottom line i am afraid you cannot take!

P: What is it?

M: How many years you have been in India?

P:.... 30 years.

M: Have you heard ANYTHING about 'police corruption'?

P: Of course!
M: Are you aware of any corruption in the Trust?

P: NO. Not even ONE case! 100% there is none!

M: NOW you hear one! Mr. Jal Dastoor told me two days ago, in 'his' car, that James Fulgunzi had clear his case with the Nagar police. Mr. Tagad told me 45 minutes ago that he does not know him (James) and he has NO record in that office.

Here, she was furious and said: "i do not want to hear it, it pollutes my ears!' And actually put her two index fingers in her both ears!

So i went to Jal' office and Brother Shridad was there. (He is a Trustee!) Told him what happened and he pretended that he does not know anything about this!

As background info i must say that James has similar case like me and his visa was over long time ago i and he works and lives here in Meherabad. He came to my home during the Amarthiti and since i had a guest, he asked for a private conversation with me. He told me that he feels 'danger' because of me 'living here'! (Probably expected me to leave and give room to him!) when i asked 'why?', he could not say the truth and said that he 'lives UNDER the Trust support'! i said, "if so, WHY you feel danger?'. Of course he did not say anything and left. (My guess may bear witness to this 'private conversation, if needed!)

Then 1-2 days later Mr. Tagad saw me in the Amartithi celebration and asked me to go to Pune for my change of address. And i think James had informed Tagad when i came back from Delhi last month (because i did not go to the city and the 'news' MUST have come from the Hill that 'he is back'!!)

So now, here i am, a victim of 'police corruption' in Pune, living for 13 months in Meherabad, my case being under consideration with UNHCR, waiting to see what the Captain has in store for me.

But the questions remain for 'Baba-lovers' to BE ASKED / ANSWERED:
1. Does Pat (and for that matter the Trustees) know about the 'legal papers' of JZ, or not? If the Chairman does not know, i will bring this up this afternoon, when he answers question in the PC Ex-dining hall.

2. If i had American citizenship and in the same situation, would i be treated as i am NOW?!

3. Double standards in Baba's place? i had seen many minor ones already, but THIS? Since they PRETEND to be VERY 'legal' and are SO particular about 'laws'! (Of course the Law of the Country __which is broken so often! AND NOT about the Dharmic law! Baba's FIRST LAW is TRUTH!What is the definition of 'hypocrisy'?

4. HOW it is possible that JZ's case had escaped Pat's SHARP eyes?

5. WHY/HOW the facts can 'pollute’ some one's ears? (We know the sweet truth can be 'bitter'! But first time i heard the facts can 'pollute'!!! (before i come here, to write this post, i apologized for this 'pollution', and told her that 'it is coming from Baba'! She is welcome to verify my writings and if there is ANYTHING untrue in it!)

PS: for those who may think i have 'sold JZ' to the police, i must say that it is NOT SO! i just believed what JD told me about how he 'cleared his case', and just wanted to see HOW he did it, so i can do the same thing. i had NO IDEA that JD can lie so easily, and Tagad denies knowing his 'informant' and the fact that JZ has NO record or ANY paper in that office!

For more fun, i just paste the letter i just received from one of the 'Ancient-souls' of The Over Soul. Just to show that i am NOT the only one feeling such hypocrisy in this sacred land. Maybe the only one Baba gave enough courage to bring it UP! Thanks to the Saghi!

".....Jai Meher Baba!I liked your newsofloving blog. Go get em!......There is a connection between us in that I feel I recognize your soul and quest for freedom. Please do not be fooled into believing I am a young woman. I am a very ancient soul which is why I have an abundance of wisdom and Love. Baba Loves You very much and enjoys your presence and Humour in Meherabad. Always know that.... we are all with you in spirit. (There is a team of us who are doing our best to live in truth) and we are always coming up against obstacles. You are one of us dear brother!) Jai Meher Baba! So again Remember you never walk alone. You are working for Humanity. In Love and affection from Baba's great heart. Jai Meher Baba...."

For those who want to know WHERE i stayed the 2 nights i was here at Meherabad, the first night i was the guest of Mola Baba (near the neem trees) Staying up all night enjoying the moon and the birds and last night i was Baba's 'special guest' in His Rahuri (Blue) cabin! Not even one soul showed up and asked 'what are you doing here?' (For the information of whoever is in charge of 'security' in lower Meherabad! HuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuBabaHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu--


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