Monday, September 11, 2006

A very typical 'collective issue'

Jay Baba
0. (my own response to some responses!) As another American sister just reminded:"....In each case just ask Him to help you carry the burden seeing that it is He who is dishing out....and you know what?...He will."
AND HE DID. AS USUAL, But so 'unexpectedly', like an extra bonous!

What i found interesting in this 'case' is that some people THINK that by expressing my feelings and 'reporting' the case, i am actually suffering and complaining!!! NO. it is NOT SO. i will write more about this 'way of thinking' later.

For now, will post 3 other comments on the case, JUST to show that how others are feeling about such 'SITUATION'!

PLEASE do NOT think that this is a 'personal' case! Yes, it happened to a 'person' (named mohsen) BUT ACTUALLY it is a very typical 'collective issue'! Anyone doubt this please comment and express their disagreement.

1. "....I also find those responses useful & instructive... yes I agree that to
dance the tango 2 people are needed... may the Light takes the clouds away
with Metta ....."

2. "Dear Mohsen, My love to you my very dear brother. Baba is always with you and me. He may especially love those and secretely care for those who are a little different than others. We are really loved by Him, each and all of us, in a special way. And He does like the effort that we put in to try to please Him.
He alone exists, and He is in our enemies as well as our friends. I can only suggest that you may want to look to your friends, and let your enemies exist without you!
May His sweet Love bring you to peace and harmony.
You are a very good man with a very loving heart. May our dear Beloved always protect and care for you, and continue always to bestow His Love in your heart. In His Ocean of Love and Mercy, Brian Garnant and family"

3. Dear Mohsen / I send you my good wishes for future. As regards
hypocrisy that you have mentioned I have experienced
it myself at Meherabad.
Once I visited Samadhi in 2002 with a british friend
and when the people there saw a white man they just
took it for granted that he is American and they
treated him initially with such great enthusiasm and
affection and they were trying to know where he is
from in America but once they found out he is not from
America they just dumped him, it was so obvious in
their attitude and my friend felt it and I felt it; but
anyway we went there for Baba so it doesnt matter; but
I have to admit that at that time those people seemed
to have such an attitude and it was really hard to understand, but then later we learnt
that American money comes a lot to the AMB trust and
so they tend to dominate whatever the matter of truth is.
we both found this strange behaviour rather unpleasant and especially
coming from so-called baba lovers
Anyway, I can understand what you possibly have went
through, though, I think (I may be wrong) a lot of it
possibly is of your own making or else it is just
baba's working baba's love inevitably comes in the form of suffering
too for all of us
apart from other ways-just accept it
with cheer. Again, all the best and much regards ....Jai Baba"


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