Sunday, September 10, 2006

"mutual spiritual progress"

9/10/06 / 5:29 PM
Jay Baba. This afternoon received some useful and instructive responses from three dear souls and will post them all here. No time to comment on the relevant points now. Maybe later.

1. “Thinking of you with love…..especially at this challenging time.
Please stay in touch…”

2. “… It is always difficult to survive when you try to swim against the flow in any society. Especially, being Iranians of Moslem origin, we are not the favorite people of any place. Having gotten familiar with you and your ways, frankly, I am surprised you lasted there as long as you did. Although I do think that you are responsible for much of the negative reactions you receive, I also believe based on my own experience that there is a lot of racism going on in Meherabad. I personally experienced this racism. Had you been a white American, you might have been treated quite differently. I recommend you trying to stay there as long as you can. It is good for the people to have to put up with you, you are giving them an opportunity to practice tolerance and compassion. Don't give up. However, I also recommend as a friend to look within yourself also and not put all the blame on the outside. You need these people as much as they need you for your mutual spiritual progress. As much as you are a mirror for their negative emotions, they are a mirror for your negative emotions. It always takes two to tango.

I also think that it is not the way of a true Baba lover to mention people's names and call them corrupt and sick, even if they are doing the same to you. You must be grateful for whatever you experience. As Hafiz says,

Agar ranjat be pish ayad vagar rahat
nesbat makon be gheir ke inha khoda konad

If pain befalls you or comfort
do not attribute to other for all this is done by God

Your comments about all the people you mentioned in your e-mail are negative. The way of Baba is to find positive things to say about those people and be grateful to all the people who dislike you, for they are also God. I feel it was my responsibility to say these things. Jai Baba Hu"

3. “…. Just try to remember....ALL this stuff going-on is just a mind-trip........just imagination.
You are getting very entangled in mind stuff which is a stupid illusion or dream or shadow-world.
Only the heart / LOVE is real !
To love people is to feel one-with people. To love all people is to feel one-with all people. To love Baba-God is to feel one-with Baba-God. Only love overcomes the illusion of separateness !

There are obviously many people who don't love you in MB, and are thus experiencing the illusion of separateness (they see you as separate to them........a stupid ego-mind illusion). Just try not to let them 'infect' you with their blindness-ignorance........and cause you to stop loving them, and thus see them as separate to you. It's just a tiny part of the HUGE spiritual 'battle' that is always going on. The Awake (Baba and the God-realized) and ‘partly awake’ are trying to awaken those who are dreaming (those who see separateness as real), and those who are dreaming are forever trying to get the 'partly awake' to see life the way they see it. (The truly Awake are obviously immune from such 'diseases'). “


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