Thursday, September 14, 2006

The difference between this 'watchdog' and those watchdogs!

Jay Baba...the following is fresh and was sent to many 'Baba-lovers' by mail....for those who are not on the list and follow the 'NEWS' from THIS station! Enjoy the show!

Dear All....if you wish to be removed from this mailing list PLEASE say so..... just cannot stop loving/serving you my own way!

This morning received the following response from a dear brother and want to share it, NOT only because it supports my 'stand', BUT because it remind ALL of us not to be trapped in our 'roles' and be identified with it. VERY Useful the 'authorities' as well.
Enjoy it and also read my response to it. (the 'bold-ing' is mine!) Jay Meher Baba, Jay Mehera, Jay Mani

"Dear Brother Mo: I thought your reply to Hugh's letter was spot-on. You are playing the role of 'watchdog' at MB, but why not ?No-one else seems willing or brave enough or maybe qualified enough, to play it. It's not an easy role to play as it's always going to upset some people, but it isdefinitely a worthwhile-useful role.
A way of serving Baba.
The only thing I would like you to try to remember is that it is merely a roleyou are playing, and not your reality, which is Infinite Love-Bliss / GOD !

People often make the simple mistake of believing they are the various rolesthey play in life. It can be difficult to remember that they are just rolesbecause others see you as the role you are playing........ 'Mohsen the troublemaker',which tends to make one identify with the mere role one is playing.
Much Love and Great Wisdom (the twin aspects of Swedenborg said).
In Baba's Infinite Grace and Mercy!..... "

My response:
"Dearest brother ....Thank you so much for the wise words and the reminder.
i DO NEED such comments, just to be reminded of the very true FACT of what you & BABA say. i appreciate it and with your permission will post it for all, so
they can see that there are 'Baba-lovers', who ARE so wise in
their journey and caring for me to remind me of this fact.

Yes, i assure you that i will not fall into this trap and as i say constantly, it IS
a SHOW and i just play my role.

Speaking of the 'dogs', i can see that the 3 dogs in the Samadhi area are much loved by everyone, especially by JD. But when i went to his office yesterday to deliver the 'gift from Baba',(the story comes later) i could clearly feel not an iota of that 'love', for 'this
watchdog'! I am sure the difference between this two kinds of the
'dogs' is that those dogs cannot speak and type!


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