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An Open Letter to Meherabad Hill Committee

Jay Baba... long time, no post! Since this is a blog for 'news of loving', the following post just FITS! Enjoy and if there is ANY doubt that this is 'not love', please do not hesitate to respond!
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An Open Letter to Meherabad Hill Committee

Date: Sept.30.2006
From: Mohsen Khatami
Subject: Urgent request related to Beloved Baba's Samadhi Spiritual atmosphere
CC: Bhau Kalchuri, AMBPPCT Chaiman;;, Meher Connection Yahoo group; Meherbaba Yahoo group
Bcc: Over 130 Baba-lovers in my mailing list

This is to inform you that on Sept.28.2006, around 8:00 am, I have been a witness to the most sad, inappropriate and disrespectful act, INSIDE Baba's Samadhi, which due to its importance and the possible repetition, I felt to report here, for the sake of record AND for taking proper action.

Before I narrate the 'actual story', I MUST emphasize that this is NOT a 'personal' and 'private' issue, but rather a collective one, which needs the attention of ALL who feel responsible for the spiritual preservation of Samadhi area and what happens INSIDE the tomb. If it had happened to any one else, I would do the same, so PLEASE do not take it as a 'personal affair'! Sister Janaki, brother Amir and brother Khandale were among the witnesses, and you may verify the facts with them! What I do here is out of my love for ALL, including the person who had violated all human and area rules! If you believe this not, please be aware that 'love brings responsibility' and if I love a person who is fast sleeping and her/his house is on fire, pouring a bucket of cold water on her/him, is NOT an act of dislike or violence, but is a sign of TRUE LOVE!

Few minutes after the Arti was over, I started to fold one of the rugs in front of the Beloved's tomb and suddenly Meherdokht Khosravi, who happened to be distributing the Prasad, told me in a loud voice, in English, to stop folding the rug and 'get lost'! Then she told brother Khandale to tell me that I should not touch the rugs and I shall 'get lost'!
(I was not informed that Mrs. Gaikwad had joined Baba and the company will come there shortly after the burning ceremony!) So without any reply, I folded one Kalim and stayed there in surprise for a while. Then, while distributing the Prasad, she turned to me and said in a loud voice, ' this is not Rajneesh Ashram, get lost." Here, I went to take the laminated sheet, on which the Samadhi Rules are written, and pointed to her the Rule No.10 (silence within the sacred area!), but she got even more furious and turned to the stunned people who were standing in the queue, and said something like this, "He has been in Rajneesh Ashram for 14 (?) years and now had come here to teach US!" (My attention was on my own feelings at this time, and could not remember the exact words/the figure!) And again ordered me to ' get lost, or I will call Jal'! Then she somehow complained to brother Khandale something to this effect that 'this is what you get when you support him'!
She does not know that my support comes ONLY and solely comes from The Captain!

Now, there are a few points to note in this 'story':
1. Linguistically speaking, she used 'other-directed' talk, as a way of expressing her anger/hatred. Her 'audience' was not me, but the people in the queue, who were REALLY astonished and bewildered by the 'show' !! If I was her 'target', she could talk in our mother tongue, Persian.

2. Psychologically speaking, she just found another chance to dump her 'garbage'(fear, hatred and resentment toward 'men' in general, etc) on someone! (happened to be me, again!)

3. Spiritually speaking, AGAIN she committed more 'sins' by thinking, speaking what should NOT have been thought, spoken! Seems that the daily prayer of repentance does not work for her, because she repeats the SAME sins again and again.

4. This was NOT the first time she did the same kind of 'vomiting; and committing 'assault' against this person INSIDE the TOMB. The first time was about 8 months ago, when she was again distributing the Prasad; and saw me putting the palms of my hands on brother Rafael's curved spine, to help make it straight. Again she said, right in the middle of Arti, in a loud voice, "This is not Rajneesh Ashram", thinking in her own UNCLEAN and repressed mind that there was something sexual going on between us! May be she is the 'source' of spreading the rumor that I am 'homosexual'!!! I did not tell a word then and left it to Baba to 'cure' her from her mental and spiritual diseases!

But NOW, since she repeats the same mistake, who is going to tell her that such place ('Rajneesh Ashram') does not exists on this earth any more ; and what has remained from that place is nicknamed as the 'Cash-ram'( a place to make money?!) And who is going to inform her that the last time I have been inside that place was in July 2001? I have NO affiliation and sympathy with the people who run that place and associating me with them is a complete nonsense based on misinformation and illusion!

5. When a person is having a contagious physical disease, logically she/he is kept away from contacting with others. What about when a person is emotionally, mentally and spiritually sick? Is this right to put her in contact with others?
The sister I named above is known to have 'problem with men' and even MANY women residents have difficulty living/working with her, because she just cannot control her huge amount of anger and resentments towards others. A few simple personality/psychological tests can reveal and prove the fact and I am willing to pay for the expenses, if there is ANY doubt regarding this issue. She needs hospitalization and shall be removed from ANY duty which involves interaction with other human beings. If she wants to serve Baba, she can be given tasks which do NOT involve such interactions. Her 'self-full' services causes more disrespect to Baba, than any real service to Him.

Now, according to your responsibilities and duties toward Beloved Baba, I request you to investigate this case and upon checking the facts, PLEASE, I beg you to remove her from any duty who requires dealing with others, AT LEAST within the Samadhi area.

A word of caution seems to be necessary:
Due to my 'para-normal' behavior in the past and the misunderstanding/misinformation which is prevailing in the minds of a few 'decision-makers', there is a possibility and tendency to ignore this request, because it came from this person, as if NOTHING had happened, or interpret it as a 'personal issue'. In this case, if another encounter happens with the named person, WITH Baba's PERMISSION, I reserve the right to express myself, in a VERY dramatic way, just to give her a small 'shock', so she may feel that she is dreaming and in illusion. My expression can be quite disturbing for the people present (Shouting from my Hara (belly area), in my own mother tongue, since it is directed to her, and NOT to others! and the responsibility of such act is shared EQUALLY between me and EACH of you (as the committee members, who were informed/warned against such happening!)

Thank you for your kind consideration of this case and all I ask you is to perform your duties and responsibilities toward Beloved Baba.

Safe and happy in His Infinite Grace and Mercy
Mohsen Khatami
Meherabad, Meher Darbar, Saturday, September. 30th. 2006


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