Thursday, September 14, 2006

3 questions for our dear chaiman, Bhauji

Dearest Bhauji (and ALL who read this!)
You know how much i love and respect you.
You are the last mandali of the Beloved, capable of answering technical/difficult questions and still being fair and just in your difficult and challenging 'post'. Since you talk about 'PRACTICAL TRUTH' and "responsibility' (Baba's Wish), i would like to raise the following questions (i am not sure if the program is held, since have not been in MPR for few days) so i bring them here, so other Premies can use your comments, as well:
1. There is a grave in the upper Meherabad, above the Beloved's parents grave, under the neem tree, with a stone written on it : 'WARRIOR'. (my favorite spot outside Baba's Tomb and Cabin)! WHO is he/she? (Too sad the sisters usually use their 'warrior' energy domestically and not socially!)
2. If rules are rules, why they are sometimes applied with discrimination? Case of brother Zingulu (James) is a clear example which no one wants to discuss it. Does being American, by nationality and mentality, can bring 'special favor' /treatment in Baba's Kingdom?
3. With what kind of spiritual authority brother JD stops people from dancing in Dhuni? i was witnessing it twice (Aug/Sept) and it seems to be in the opposite direction of what Baba( God= Nature) wants us to behave. ( Expression, rather than Suppression)
In other Baba centers (Delhi, Dehradun, Yaghut Ganj/UP....) premis are encouraged to express their joy and blissfulness through dancing. Even in your own weekly talks, you allow music and dance, because it is a very natural and spontaneous way to express joy and happiness for Baba.
Does being 'trustee' allows people to make their own 'rules' according to their own 'moods'? __ in contradiction to the existing practices. Please note what brother Hugh asks about this case:*...was JD in a particularly grumpy mood?*
it means that if a 'boss' is in a 'bad mood', he/she CAN actually act according to his/her mood, IN BABA'S CELEBRATION and stop people from being happy and expressing their joy!
Is there any other implication for that question?


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