Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who loves P.S.?"

Jay Baba, yesterday i sent the following letter to Pat Summer and since i have not received any call from her (called her twice yesterday evening on her mobile) i assume that it is OK for her to publish/share it. Already delivered Baba's gift' for her, still waiting for her 'ears' to recover from being 'polluted' by the facts! Why she does not respond to those questions?!

Please be aware that the intention behind all this is just to facilitate the 'awakening process' as i wrote in the previous posts. Baba is the director of this 'show' and we each play our 'role' and fortunately, with all its 'drawbacks', i have been give THIS role and i intend to play it fine and ego-free. Here, my ego is also at stake and all are welcome to attack/shock it, as they wish. As i said to a brother, i DO FEEL this love for those who mistreat/lie to me, eventhough i get angry as a normal human being. But i express my love THIS WAY, useful for some other 'watchers', and if some do not like it, they can go to The King and complain!

".... i will not mail/publish this until i get a personal response from Pat. my intention is
NOT to hurt, but to 'remind'! i will come to the office soon to deliver her 'gift' and we may
have a 'friendly talk'! Hatred had NEVER solved any problem! i love you MY OWN WAY!
THE SUBJECT OF THE LETTER WAS "Who loves P.S.?" (and since it is a collective issue, "who loves those who hate/lie to him?" and it goes:
"... i do. That is why i do not leave her alone, in her fast sleep, snoring, dreaming that
she is 'obeying' Baba! And to SHOW my true love to her, i will give her a gift and a message from Baba (a badge, with Baba's picture on it + 3 of His KEY WORDS to remember AND act upon = LOVE, SERVICE, HONESTY .
This 3 rd one is often ignored by the majority (of those who seek God). This is a gift from Baba,
since i found 5 of these Badges in the new home, yesterday (i take responsibilty for it) And will
gift it to those who have forgotten the 3 rd KEY WORD (it will remain ONLY a 'word' for many!) i remember she brought me a picture of Baba, when i was in the hospital last year and just when i came out of the anesthisia, she gifted it to me with a bitter comment of 'what to do with you?' (she was refering to the false complaints against me!) And these were my first words after the operation, "kill me, kill me"! And she did not take it seriously! She can reconsider the 'suggesstion' now!
i have also an 'offer' from my own, which she has the chance to refuse it or accept it.
i suggest that she comes ONCE to the Arti, (have not seen her once during the 'rush hours', as MANY other residents avoid those hours, BUT WHY?!) and do the repentence prayer collectively. ....."for all lies and hypocrisy... '
May be this can be effective enough, since apparently the 'individual' prayers has NOT been so
effective. Jay baba"


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