Saturday, October 14, 2006

.... this 'passion for COMPASSION'

A fresh response to a response!
Dear ALL, JAY BABA..... just read this response (in BOLD) and since i take it directing to this person, CANNOT help but to respond (despite my time restriction and other important commitments!)

Please take it lightly and DEEPLY and enjoy it!

I do not understand this passion for controversy.
So to help you (and those in the same level of information) understand, i will explain this 'passion for COMPASSION'!!! Yes, it is NOT for the sake of 'controversy', as you see at the surface! Deeply, it is due to my compassion, for you and others who 'become my friends, out of your own ASSUMPTIONS'! (to use Rumiji's words to describe the 'mental projection' phenomena!)

Let us remain natural to ourselves.
Yes, VERY attractive 'slogan', at the surface! But HOW can you be 'natural' to the artificial false self = conditioned mind?! HOW?! Or, when you see some one is 'sleeping', and his/her house ison fire, HOW can you be 'neutral/natural'? Of course the questions applies for those who feel this compassion! Otherwise the majority say (unspoken, of course!) "The HELL with you, keep burning!)

If we come across controversies accidentally let us follow the advice given by BABA to resolve them.
And if you knew HOW Baba used to CREATE 'controversies', within His mandilis, you would not use Baba's words to justify your own understanding of His work! If Baba's mission is to 'awaken' us, then such 'controversies', are ESSENTIAL part of the deal! Resolving comes AFTER the issue is surfaced, otherwise, the UNresolved issues stay deep inside the psyche and remain stagnant and rotten!

Let us not go after controversies and justify them using our pseudo intelligence.
Creating situation to make the unconscious tendencies SURFACE is TOTALLY different than what you think is happening here!

Our only aim is to pursue LOVE in its purest form.
Wonderful! True. BUT how can a weak conditioned mind 'pursue' such a TASK? With its own sleeping tendencies?! Many times, to pursue such LOVE, we need to BURN =destroy our conditioned minds, which is NOT easy my dear!
Writing wonderful SLOGANS is quite different than the actual practice!

Yes LOVE can absorb any thing.
Yes, but THAT love which is FIRE-LIKE is something different than you might imagine, being 'natural' (actually artificial!) or 'neutral'!

That does not mean that we shall strive to dump every thing into it!
NO NEED for that my dear! It is ALREADY DUMPED with ALL kinds of junk the society has put into us! The REAL task is to PURIFY the essence ( = LOVE) from such junk!

Let love consciously pervade every thing and turn that every thing into LOVE.
Good 'instruction'! If by 'everything', you MEAN EVERYTHING, such 'controversies' ( which i rather use a different label for it!) ARE ESSENTIAL parts of the process! UNLESS we do not SEE and deal with our 'unnatural artificial social conditioning', NONE of these 'dreams' can come true!

This happens in a very natural way.
What 'natural way'?! Are we brought up as 'natural divine' beings?! So why we pray to God to 'break the HUB of The Wheel'?! Now you may SEE why i spend time to clear the issue! If we cannot distinguish between 'natural' and UNnatural sanskaras, ALL the efforts to become God is fruitless!

Provocations come from idle minds.
If you still 'think' that my writings are 'provocations', you are free to imagine so! What really counts is that i am aware of my intentions, and those who read these find them useful! (except a few whose egos are still resisting the facts!)

That are not for us.
So what made you write what you wrote?!

Our minds and hearts are filled with love, or so we think!
NOT TRUE my dear! Our minds are filled with all kinds of garbage which the 'system' pours into them! And that is why the real effort is to CLEAN or PURIFY the hearts by loving/serving God BY being compassionate to others! THIS is the way i express my compassion to those i am in contact and if some do not like it, they may find the reason in their own 'conditioned minds'!

Let every controversy dissolve in LOVE. Jai Baba, T. P. K.
YES dear, AMEEN, let it be so, because i never think that my writings ARE any 'controversies! If Others MAKE it so, that is NOT my responsibility!

Yours in Baba


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