Tuesday, April 11, 2006

from a letter to a brother in our family

"Dear ........... And let us not forget that WE also
(you name the new/old pilgrims pioneers/residents in Meherabad)
AT LEAST once have been 'strong egos',
before wanting to submit the ego to our Beloved Baba.
Actually I feel that the stronger the ego is, the more it can give to others,
when submitted to the will of God.

Weak egos have not much quality to offer and are always subordinated
to the stronger egos who like to dominate others
(not the submitters of the strong egos who can only serve God by their actions!)

They HAVE something to share…..
so just having a strong ego is NOT the issue,
the problem is when the strong egos do not even know HOW to LOVE God
and how to Submit to God…..


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