Friday, April 07, 2006

Men and the monkeys

Watching these monkeys here is real fun……3 days ago, the landlord warned me explicitly that “do not feed the monkeys’…. And now I know why?! They do not leave us alone…. But if we do not feed them HOW will they survive?
Tao, my new Dutch writer friend, who had lived here for about 6 years and had been bitten by one monkey says that she does not hate them and since ‘we had occupied THEIR habitant’, we can give them something BEFORE they start ‘stealing’!

They are very sharp and agile and very ‘smart’ to locate ANY food and do not hesitate to jump inside the room and take it away…… it reminds me of reading an article in BBC science page last years that MEN and Chimpanzees have only 2% of difference, GENETICALLY!! What a divine 2%….

Wish some ‘men’ were aware of this difference and did not imitate their ugly ‘models’!
“Masses are destroyed by their imitation, cursed be such imitation = TAGHLEED” !! If our nation was only free from such ugly imitation (TAGHLEED), we would be in a much better situation now!)


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