Monday, April 03, 2006

Tibetan Indian, Iranian, American, African,,, children are ALL innocent beings needing support of all kinds

in a letter to a kind sister from Maui Hawai, just wrote:

" is so peaceful and interesting here that i do not feel the need to go anywhere else! You know it since you have been in Nepal and felt the Bhuddist viberations..... here i meet very old monks, men and women, shaven heads, walking up and down the hills, looking very content, despite all the burdends of their simple lives. And the kids are even more fortunate because as i heard last night from a Zimbabwian sister, "Tibetan children and well looked after" (by the community) and it is only "the Indian children who need support"... That is why they have started a project called FUTURE CHILD, to help those kids in the nearly Dharmakot village.... i will go there for the volunteer work and then to see them at their school.... maybe my donation of some happy tunes could be of some 'service.'

Yes dear, we all need your prayers for Peace.... Please feel the Iranian children and young generations in thirst of some 'unfelt' peace and security'...... ...........



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