Monday, April 03, 2006

Enough proof of my 'madness'!

  1. ignore these numbers please!
  2. .........this morning i got a message from an internet friend and since found it amusing, composed a letter to four of my 'false family' members
  3. (the one we come into WITHOUT our conscious will/wish)
  4. (my siste, cousin and two sons!) since it might be of some interest to my REAL FAMILY members (one i was blessed to choose to live/die with), i publish it here...
1. ...._....(4/3/2006 6:13:00 PM): Salaam Mohsen aziz, gaahi be blog News of Loving sar mizanam va haalesho mibaram ... droood bar to ey zaa'er e rah'e eshgh. .. raasti mikhaastam bedaanam dar english طي الارض chist? .... ayaa kalame ee daarad? baraaye hame chiz sepaas. with love, Nima

2......: khastam be khatere in ke neveshte haye osho ro tarjome mikonid va dar ekhtiyar digaran gharar midi tashakor konam
......: man ke vaghean estefade mibaram
.......: dar vaghe ashnayi man az osho kheyli kame va avalin neveshtei ke baes shod ke nazaram jalb beshe
elahe kalashloo: ke farmodan hich vaght daghdagheye in ro nadashte bash ke che etefaghi gharare biyofte in mohem nist ke barande shavi ya bazande mohem ine ke chetor bazi koni

i played 'fair' and LOVELY, so, despite of all the 'hardship' (Doesn't Hafiz says that this PATH is easy at the beginning but....... Ofdad Moshkel ha ....????) i survived so far, Thanks to Meher Baba and the rest of the Existence..... (including you too!)
(who would like to 'encode' the finglish part?


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