Saturday, April 08, 2006

my wish/ His Will

Anche Delam Khast, Na Aan Mishavad
Harche Baba Khast, Hamaan Mishavad !!

“Whatever my heart wants, that does not come true;
Whatever God wants, that comes true.”

This is a very common poem in our culture which I choose to write about and explore it in a ‘personal manner’ to explain the very popular topic of human Free Will and The Will of God, in a simple and Practical way, wishing it can lead us all to a better understanding of 'mechanism of wishing'

...... This afternoon, after making a good meal (Marcell, a new American friend who is a very special being, liked it very much too__he came to visit Tao upstairs, and since she was not home, he stopped at my place and received a Reiki session which helped him to sleep for about 15 minutes… he had this sleep problem... a VERY ACTIVE man with too many ‘projects’ on his shoulders!) .....eating it alone, rested for a while and then brother Shripad from AhmedNagar called and asked me if ‘everything’ was good with me. After resolving my mobile problem earlier, of course I felt so and told him that things are going fine here and I am really enjoying this trip so far. He again asked me if I needed some money to be transferred to my bank account or to be paidto the Reliance co. for my mobile phone (few days agoI had SMSed(!) him that the reason I do not call him is that I am on a ‘limited budget’.)

Again I assured him that I do not need any money now and if I did, I will tell him. He is sure that he will get his money back when I come back home (Mehrabad).
But ‘HOW” can I be 100% sure myself?!!!

This is the main question leading me to write about this topic! My wish is to be able to serve others with the best of my ability and i am convinced that if I am in harmony with His wish, I do not see any reason why my wish shall not be fulfilled!!
{By the way, for those of you who know God to be a feminine figure__a Goddess Mother form, and use She forHer, I have to mention that for many people, including myself, Meher Baba is actually a Mother-figure too__due to His motherly compassion and care we receive from Him; and also, for God, the gender problem should not really be of any ‘problem’!!}…..

Now back to my needs, desires or wants/wishes, or my ‘will’……it is better to differentiate these different states of mind/heart RIGHT HERE, otherwise we will end up in a mess, as it had been so, for many people, for ages (people desire and want things and get frustrated always!)

{sometimes when i use 'my', it can mean 'a human being'!!}

First there is my ‘basic needs’ (food, shelter, sleep, sex, ….), then according to Abraham Mazlo, there are ‘higher needs’ of self-expression and ‘self-actualization’, + the need to be needed/loved, etc….. Thanks to the whole existence, I have no major ‘issue’ in this respect (To be honest, although had not an active sex life in about one year, this ‘basic need’ at this AGE is not of any ‘problem’ at all (for younger people and those who had not experienced this VITAL aspect of self-knowledge, yes, having a fulfilled sexual life IS an ‘issue’ to be resolved somehow!)

In the process of fulfilling these needs (basic or higher needs) we all encounter with our “desires”, which are usually for the worldly possessions/power. One desire fulfilled, leads to another more complex one and this ‘chain of desires’ is endless and can only create frustration and misery….. i also had experenced such frustrations, but if I was a ‘spoiled rich kid’ and all my desires were fulfilled instantly, who knows how I would be now?! Thanks to Baba, I was born into a middle-class family with a very kind, loving, honest and generous father. So the question for me, NOW, at this age, is not even the desire to become powerful or famous! My 'real' ‘power’ is my actual/factual ‘powerlessness’ and my name is already known to ‘People on the Path’ (young Iranians interested in mysticism).

Then what is this ‘urge’ making me write all this? The need for self-expression and self-actualization? Yes, I feel so. I feel that if my wish to love and serve others is in harmony with the Divine Wish, and if I have been ‘gifted/blessed’ with some resources/talents to do be of any service to humanity, the existence = Baba will not fail me, as it had been my experience so far (despite ALL the hardship on the Path of Love). For those who know me enough, it is clear that I have always followed my Heart’s decisions which were usually considered ‘stupid/foolish/unwise/illogical/etc…’ by the majority of the people, including my own ‘false family members’. Dr. Deepak Chopra calls the heart, 'our most wise organ/faculty', and i have seen a scientific movie in the University that HOW the primal TWO cells, join together (conception) to make the HEART the first beating-expanding organ in the process of germination....

And now, having a REAL family of Baba, can only give me more courage to continue and make my efforts to fulfill those higher needs, which can be of use for others….. I feel if I honestly share my own views and feeling with my ‘real family’ members who read this blog, The Divine Wish will provide us with enough ways and means to fulfill these needs……

So speaking of my ‘resources/talents’, I must 'confess' that I have started collecting various media (articles, books/DVDs,…) on our Compassionate Father, which I wish to broadcast them using the new technology of i-casting (simple internet radio programs) in English AND Persian languages. (see my resume here, for the professional qualifications).

I also have more than 10’000 A4 pages of ‘instructional material’ in self-knowledge, in Persian language (including two Baba books, one already available here, free of charge, for Farsi-speaking people.) There is also a NEW Rumi book , in English, ready for print/e-book publication.

My intention is to make all these resources available for public, using the newest technology available.

But those who ‘know’ the ‘UNreal facts of life’ know better than this cannot be accomplished without a good CLEAN source of money. Yes, ‘money’ which can solve MANY unreal problems...... Only LOVE can solve our REAL problems. So, this is a good testing ground for me and those with love and money….. I used to say to my friends that there are MANY people with LOVE ONLY, and there are still more people, with MONEY ONLY!! But there are a very few blessed souls with the right combination of ‘love AND money and generousity’….. these are the people who can give me a helping hand to actualize this ‘old old’ dream of mine running a 7/24 broadcasting studio to broadcast ONLY LOVE/LIGHT) (reminded me of my last efforts in USA, April 1979, spending my last dollars on preparing a 'professional paper' by an American expert in NYC, on how to run an independent TV station….. it never came true of course, since the ‘new people in charge’ were not interested in anything other than their own ‘power struggle’ at that time.)

More on this later........ it is getting late here....they close at 11 pm and I must start to edit this and publish it and wait for your responses.

ANY kind of advise, idea, criticism is welcomed….. love you


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