Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mind vs Heart (on the Silence Up the Magic Hill)

Jay Baba dear all..... as more responses are coming, more words are used, just hoping that the simple point is clear enough...... see how the mind 'resists' to accept a very simple thing..... enjoy:

(the following is based on a letter i got from one of God's lovers, from USA. (the italics are hers!)

I'm wondering about whether or not Baba wants us to
keep silent near his Samadhi?

Wow, you opened a very new and fresh look at the subject, or approached it in a different angel. Mercy! The whole set up there implies that one shall keep silent and avoid disturbing the natural silence of the area. And if you take into the account that there are 'real' and 'false' things; and Baba wants to give the 'real' thing to those who come to Him, then the obvious conclusion is that the atmosphere of silence MUST be maintained (it is TWO way street = give + take) Baba wants to give, but if we are not ready to receive (chatting mind + noisy air around), then the 'transaction' will not happen.

PLEASE NOTE that i am NOT SAYING that one cannot receive from Baba in the 'market = noise', IF he/she is ready enough! And i am distinguishing between INNER and OUTER silence. Yet, for 99% of the people who come for the 'transaction', the outer silence is a MUST. Outer wise the place will become like any other pilgrim places in India, full of noise! (except the Bahai's, who are restrict about maintaining the silence inside their temple in Delhi __because people in charge themselves respect it and visitors naturally follow the 'rule')

The whole issue comes to this point that when there are more 'attractive' false things in the world (money, power, prestige.....) WHO cares about the 'real' stuff? This point, PLUS the fact that people are the slave of their 'chatter-box = mind', can explain why a simple thing (keeping the mouth shut for one hour) can be SO complex and annoying. So i leave it to Baba and do my best...... just some reflections on your words:

I'm wondering about whether or not Baba wants us to
keep silent near his Samadhi?

The doubt comes because we do not associate things the way our mind does not want! The mind is our 'master' and forces us to associate the facts according to its OWN 'interests', NOT according to the REALITY.

If Baba has actually requested this can you please give the quotes
regarding this.

For me, His 44 years of silence + the famous quote "Real things are given and taken in silence' + the natural silence of the Hill + the inhibiting function of the mind for the heart to be open, are enough proof and i need no other 'force'!

I don't recall anything about Baba
wanting us to be silent near the Samadhi.

like ANY OTHER 'religion' , people expect the 'prophet' to say EVERYTHING, EVEN when there was no need to say anything! i suppose When Baba was in the Body, the Hill area WAS silent already and people would speak in low volume ....He left things to our own 'intelligence' to work out the coming issues! Do you think if He had said such a thing, people would obey? Are we obeying everything He had said? Again, mind wants SOME proof ( =excuse) to stay 'alive' and 'master'!

There may be personal interpretation and opinion about the
matter and people should act how they naturally feel.

This is YOUR interpretation of Baba's words/work and if it were 'valid', no Avatar would bother to change the 'natural' course of events! That word 'naturally' mean a lot! The 'natural' tendency of the mind is to indulge in trivia and be a BLOCK to the heart! Also if everything 'natural' was 'good', then all the 'viruses' and 'bacterias' must be dealt with, as they are, and we shall respect their 'nature'!

Nature of the mind is the ONLY veil to GOD. Because it is conditioned NOT BY GOD, but by the society. ONLY HEART can overcome this 'monster master' and unfortunately people are 'crippled' when it comes to this 'battle'!

For instance as you say some people can't keep silent
but I don't think that should keep them from being near the samadhi.

So why they come there? To 'socialize' and disturb the silence?! If Baba is EVERYWHERE, which He IS, then they can stay home and be with Baba. If they 'can't', as you say, this is only a 'weakness' and if you love them, you encourage them to BECOME strong, and NOT leave them to become weaker and weaker. If they are 'handicapped' in this regard, they shall be reminded that THIS small place is NOT the right place to practice their handicap!

So personally I think people should be natural around the samadhi and express what's in their hearts.
Yes, but NOT WHAT IS IN THEIR MINDS!!! And I hope you get the clear distinction between the two. Heart can feel bliss and can cry to express it, but mind is only curious to know what is happening, and wants to chatter to dumpt its 'load' on others!

Similarly, how one approaches the opening of Baba's
tomb is also personal. If they feel compelled to
stand, bow, kneel or lay on the floor it should be
what's natural for them.

Yes, as long as the silence is respected they can do ANYTHING.

If you want to keep silent then do so and if it is too noisy for you then maybe
wearing earplugs would be helpful for you.

See dear, how mind wants to 'escape' the real issue? I love to hear the songs birds singing in Baba's glory. It deepens the silence. Why shall I do some UNNATURAL thing to enjoy a natural phenomenon? Ear plugs are good in the subways and the market place! And the question is NOT as 'personal' as you may think! I know how to keep my mind silent, but it is a 'collective issue' (as had been proven by these emails!) Then,.... imagine that a basketful of earplugs could be available for people entering the area! How funny!

Maybe wearing a sign requesting people to keep quiet around
the Samadhi would remind people to think about what
they're doing there.

YES, thank you, this is what I am aiming at. That little sign over the bench is NOT enough and people who work there often ignore it, what about the new comers!

But as you say it really can't be enforced….
I NEVER said so! I said it can't be enforced from OUTSIDE (police +special squad!) I said it CAN be enforced by the right understanding and a collective effort to 'educate' the pilgrims who come there. Please read me more carefully.

and if people don't oblige to a polite request then what can you do?
Then there can be more bells and more signs, WITHOUT breaking the silence!
If the WILL is there, the WAY is HERE already. I am aiming at THAT WILL!

I also wonder if ringing a bell might be annoying too and may not relay
the message to be quiet.

I do not understand what that 'wondering' means (my poor English), BUT it had proven to be VERY EFFECTIVE to restore the silence, you can try it on your own mind to see the effect. The only people who can be annoyed are those who are supposed to maintain the place (IN EVERY RESPECT, INCLUDING the silence) while caught chattering in loud voice near Baba's cabin and elsewhere in the area!

Jai Baba, and thank you for your patience with my words….. this is ALL out of love, and love is a 'crazy' phenomenon for the 'logical mind'!

In His Mercy, mohsen



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