Thursday, October 19, 2006

Coming from the Land of Hypocrites !!

Jay Baba, followin is a response to a response i got this morning, hope it is useful to clarify some MAJOR points. (the BLUE fonts are brother Hugh's

...There is a boldness required to stand up to the lie, to the untruth. I admire that within you and acknowledge that it is a frightening place for me to choose in the face of so much of today’s hatred and deception, particularly here in the US.

Jay Baba brother! i appreciate that you feel this 'boldness', which somehow has been developed in me, over the years, otherwise i was as coward as many of our other 'family members'! i guess this is an example of His grace. Yes, living in the US these days, IS frightening and the courage is to 'immigrate' from it, if one can afford it.

As a fellow seeker of the truth, I would ask that you consider the source of the vehemence with which you take your position. I believe that there is as much to be learned there for you as there is for me to also learn in my relationship with today’s world.

Yes, thank you, just looked up the meaning of 'vehemence' in WORD and since the meaning ranges from 'violence' to 'enthusiasm' and 'vigor', before i reply to your question, i like to know what you mean by 'vehemence'?!!!! NO DOUBT that i AM learning from all these 'encounters'! One thing about me you must be reminded is that i have come from the Land of Hypocrites (Iran) and they have been ruling the country for the last 27 years. So my 'nose' is VERY sensitive to 'religious hypocrisy'! And since Baba had given (Graced) me with enough 'guts' to express my views (i express them in order to verify them, and since so far no one had actually challenged them, officially, i take them to be the case!), i will keep on doing so, until the VERY END! And in the process i learn more about/ face my own weaknesses as well.

You may know the story of the Buddhist priest in the small village in China whom the villagers loved. The teenage girl who lived next door became pregnant and blamed it on the priest. When accused by her parents he simply replied “is that so?” When the villagers pulled away from him and hurled insults at him he continued to reply “is that so?” When the child was born the parents presented the child to him and said “it is yours.” He again replied “is that so?” Years later the girl admitted that the father was the boy from the butcher shop. The parents came to beg his forgiveness and he simply looked at them and said, “is that so?”

Yes brother, i have read and translated this and many other Zen stories. i accept the wisdom in the story, BUT please bear in mind that such story(ies) happened in the time/place, where there were none of these 'modern time issues' (...... you guess what!), so people could get rid of others so easily by a simple 'accusation'!

The question I have for you is how do we a brothers in love of God find the way to love without ego as seen through anger, resentment and rebuke of those we perceive as not following the will of God?

Wow, what a 'tough' question! Yet, BEFORE i answer it, i must tell a VERY famous sayings in our culture which says, "FIRST prove your brotherhood, and THEN claim the inheritance' (or heritage)!!!! IF these people in question, could PROVE that they ACT as brothers, then i am willing to answer your question in length. If they ACT as enemies (as they HAVE DONE and i CAN prove it!), they cannot claim any 'wealth from our Baba!' or can they?! The least they can anticipate is the exposure of they lies and this is only fair, to me. i welcome your comments on this issue.

Therein, I suspect stands a tougher lesson than we can comprehend at the moment.

Yes, each moment we can learn more lessons and tougher ones from The Awakener. And this INCLUDES those who claim to have the whole 'wealth' to themselves and can 'distribute ' it to those who they like and deprive those whom they hate! (Without proving their brotherhood in the beginning!!)

In love of God, Baba and all the great avatars, blessing to you Hugh

Thank you again and the same for ALL of us, INCLUDING those who act NOT as a TRUE brother and sister!
Jay Baba


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