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jay Baba All.....Many Western/Indian 'Baba-lovers' do not know much about the history of Islam and how it deviated from its 'source' (prophet Mohammad = Baba THEN!), and HOW it fell to the hands of 'wrong people' (Priests and Politicians!). No time to elaborate on that issue now, but it was very interesting for me to know what Baba has said about the true spirit of Mohammad (His 'greatness', as Baba calls it).

I read something about the following in Mehera Meher, (By David Fenster) while I was in Dehra Dun; and last night I searched Lord Meher for 'Karbala'. There is a bit of info about the historical incident at the bottom, yet I feel a bit more is needed for those who wonder what is the significance of it all!

When God = Truth and Truth = Love, then ANY thought, deed and word which goes AGAINST it = Lie = Hatred. And those who feel RESPONSIBLE for others, do not hesitate to mention the 'deviation' from The Truth. Ali and his two sons, Hasan va Hossein where not politicians and had no greed for power (being raised in such a wise and loving companionship/family), YET they were RESPONSIBLE individuals and cared for others. And that is where the 'trouble' starts!

There is a common law of 'social reality' (Maya anyways, but TRUE since time eternal, AND NOW!): the most corrupted and cunning people are after the 'power' and they do it 'by ALL means'! One of their 'means' is to interpret Truth (words of The Master) according to their OWN selfish motives, AND to control/manipulate the 'media'.

So, when a loving responsible person wishes to interpret the SAME truth according to the interest of the masses, those in power do not like it AT ALL! And according to the time and circumstances, they try to 'get rid' of that person, BY ALL MEANS! When bribing and threats do not work, they kill (by sword or by poisoning!)

So the whole thing about Mohammad's GREATNESS, which Beloved Baba stresses, is that all the wars and killings were simply means to suppress the Truth (Oneness of God, equal social rights for all and brotherhood of mankind = the real Islamic theory)
And Karbala was THE WAR! (As Baba says, it was 'the greatest tragedy in Islam'!) Hossein did not go there to 'win' the physical war (their number was so few that even thinking about 'victory' was absurd!), BUT He actually WON it and became victorious! Because the 'stupid revengeful power-hungry' enemy WAS exposed!

And always SUCH victory, with love and courage, is far more valuable than ruling the whole earth, by force!

The role of Zeynab, Hossein sister, who was an 'honorary salve' of the enemy after their 'victory', is very crucial, since she actually spread the words of this oppression/suppression to the outside world.

Jay Baba, enjoy the information below and if there is any doubt, question or suggestion, please let me know……………….Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Happy 2007 + + +..................

PS. Useful ALSO for those who are after 'MATERIAL power' around Meher Baba!

" Lord Meher Volume 8, Page 2792


Meanwhile, strong winds and violent dust storms were raging in Meherabad, blowing off the tin sheet roofs on many of the structures there. Pendu wrote Baba about it, and Baba sent him the following reply, in Gujarati, dictated to Savak Kotwal:

April 20, 1942 / 4 Chander Road, Dehra Dun

Dear brother Pendu,..............

.............Baba is very pleased with you and tells you not to worry about anything and remember: "Muhammad's greatness is in Karbala, not in Kaaba!"


"Karbala was the famous battleground in Iraq (681 A. D.), where Prophet Muhammad's grandson Husain (Ali's son), and Muhammad's great grandsons, Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar (Husain's sons) and other Shi'ahs were killed and where Husain was buried."

"Lord Meher / page 3935 GOD'S SENSE OF HUMOR

".....It is a fact that during the childhood of his grandsons, Hassan and Hussain, the Prophet predicted the Moharrum [martyrdom] "Karbala" to his daughter Fatima, the mother of the martyrs. Now, if the Prophet who, in fact, turned the then savages of Arabia into the torchbearers of faith, love and truth for the world did not even try to avoid the greatest tragedy in Islam, or to stop the most horrible end for his own and only two grandsons, that was only because of God's divine sense of humor in Muhammad."

"There is no Sadhana greater than love.
There is no law higher than love.
And there is no goal beyond love.
God and love are identical."
Avatar Meher Baba


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