Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Persians and Dec.2006 Dhuni Fire / a Month of Relief!

13/12/2006 / 22:54

Thanks to Baba, after about 4-5 months, the connection is available at the new home, in Meherabad/ Arangaon…. What a blessing……Last evening was the Dhuni, and brother JD had asked our Irani brother Dervish to light the Dhuni Fire, on behalf of the Persian people, (“Across the Universe”?!!)….missed the scene, because Atul came at 5:20 pm, to replace the ‘power Supply’ of this PC….The fire was blazing high and the music fine…. more and more new AND familiar shining faces were present….Some VERY beautiful beings to see again, after a year……

Evening went to the Arti, for the FIRST TIME, after the last Dhuni….Yes the one month passed and now, again, only a few souls just need to ‘tolerate’ my presence at Baba’s Tomb, @ THE ARTI TIME! (Haven’t been to The Power House (baba’s Samadhi), at the rush hours, for 30 days; just to relieve the ‘burden’ for a few people who do not like my presence there!)…..


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