Friday, October 27, 2006

A wonderful poem and a wise response

Jay Baba....Many thanks to the Kaptain AND His Katie!

Posted by: "katie rose" babastar7
Date: Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:10 am (PDT)

dear mohesen,

for all your erudition and insight, it surprises me that you have a certain naive expectation about Baba lovers. i confess that i myself held that same notion years ago. what i have subsequently come to realize is that Baba-lovers run the gamut of personalities, character traits, and no doubt degrees of love and spirituality. one must deal with Babalovers with eyes wide open, and not based on the supposition they are anything besides human. i realized that i was carrying an expectation and agenda inside me that Babalovers ought to act certain ways and would lose my own balance over the frustration and disappointment i'd feel when they acted otherwise. the world does not act according to our wishes, needs, demands--including the Baba lover world. no matter how justified and self-righteous we feel in our indignation that some are acting below our standards, ideals, understanding of what Baba wants from His lovers, to me it is still the ego/nafs/little self who is doing all the complaining and whining (even if it is all relatively true). i offer this not as any suggestion that the situations you describe are trivial or untrue, but that perhaps a re-assessment of your own actions could be fruitful.

apropos of this thread, here is a poem i wrote a while ago:


we come to His followers
starry-eyed with love
of the One
knowing He is in all
and who could contain
Him more
than His lovers
only to find
people with hearts
of every size, shape
and content
not so different
from groups
every where
except His hand
softening up
like doughbread
shooting out
fiery sparks
of change and
looking like the devil

oh it's a brutal
from expectation's
lofty pedestal
to the here and now
that He cannot be
with his Lovers

they are never
His equivalent,
no matter
heart's loving

they are limited
and He's
the infinite ocean,
they are tainted
and He is pure,
they are progressing
He is the Goal itself --
perfect Perfection!

we have to be
from looking anywhere
thinking we can make
an easy substitute
for the fire
of burning all dross
from the heart.
it is there He resides!
He shines everywhere
but lives in that

how long
before you realize
which way to face?

with the Sun before you
the shadows disappear.

in His love...


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