Wednesday, October 25, 2006

'Be Honest'

Jay Baba.... as promised (to the readers AND to my ex-land-lord), like to tell some examples of the 'challenging' (1-2 minor one) stories NOW, and will write about the major ones later!

It can be a useful for those who are 'new-comers' to this sacred land and are naturally impressed by the wonderful energy of the place; AND by the honest, loving and lovely people who live and work here. This is about the exceptions to the said statement.

As i started to write about this term 'Baba-lovers' months ago, this is a VERY broad and general term like 'music-lovers', or as a brother wrote, 'like musician'. We do not call a person who LIOKE to play piano, a 'pianist' (or a piano lover!) Playing the piano (loving Baba) requires MUCH practice AND skill. Yes, love IS a hardest and toughest 'human skill' possible and only the history is a witness to this fact. So, to me, the term "Baba-lover' is like a spectrum __of colors if you like! It has people in it, from 'infra-red'....... to....... 'ultra-violet'...... in terms of the # main divine quality Baba stressed for us = LOVE, SERVICE, HONESTY.......

...this 3rd one is something which can serve as a YARD-STICK for the other two, because LOVE we can NOT 'see' or measure, and 'service' can be done for selfish reasons (a 'look how pious I am' kind of service!) (Bhauji calls it 'social service' and every society is full of institutions and organization to 'serve' , run by selfish people who are after name & fame, AND also $$$$$$!!!) So the best measure or criterion for the first two qualities is the HONESTY, which CAN be tested in everyday dealing & wheelings of the people.

Now, you just read and enjoy the adventures of Meherabad (MORE interesting ones are waiting to be told!)

story # 1 :3 weeks ago, i gave 7000 Rs to a worker here (who works for the Trust, recommended by a resident brother) to fix the roof of the home i am renting (without any receipt, as advance for the material and workmanship)..... Technically, he did a VERY LOUSY job and did NOT finish it.... and when i protested after a week, he told me that i cheated him! So, in front of MANY witnesses, i showed my emotion by pouring some drinking water over his head! (as a symbolic gesture to 'wake up'!!!!) i wrote a letter to inform the Trust office (workers dept) and told the story and i am still waiting for the 'action' from the office. i heard the man has gone to the police in the town and had complained about me that i have cheated him! Good that the roof AND Steve are BOTH here to bear witness to the money i gave him and the POOR/BAD job he had done!

Story # 2 : Last year, i gave 10 000 Rs, as the deposit, to my landlord; and this year, when i vacated the house (AUG 15), they were not ready to clear the balance (The husband was in Nasik), so i waited until NOW to receive the rest of the money from them. It was NOT much, BUT they did not keep their words and gave me LESS than they initially calculated. I cannot do anything except accepting it & expressing my wish that they stop such kind of behaviour, NOT because i have lost a little money, BUT because THEY themselves LOOSE MUCH, not obeying Baba's order of 'Be Honest'!!!! ( They refused to show me the electrical bills for the last 5 months i was away, AND claim that the gas cylinder was 'cealed' and want to charge for it, while last year when i went to negociate the contract ,i had a tea made by the SAME gas cylinder!!!!

Jay Baba, this is NOT a 'complaint' to LIFE = Baba!!! ONLY a 'warning' for the 'new-comers' who wish to live here and are naturally have to deal with some 'Baba-lovers'!!!!
Words can be VERY misleading sometimes!

Now time to go and watch a film in Hostel A, a VERY interesting title = Offering the Sanskaras, an interview with Iraj (yes, it is an Irani Name and i spell it as it is pronounced!)

Wish ALL 'Baba-lovers' PRACTICE HONESTY and obey His order of 'Be Honest'
More about 'Silence' issue is cooking here!!!!

PS: the number of 'good & honest' people are FAR MORE than these few cases!



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