Monday, October 30, 2006

Responsibility towards TRUTH = God

Jay Baba....following is a fast reply to a letter i received this evening(in ITALIC)..... despite the 'serious' content, take it lightly and enjoy it.... if Baba wants my 'blood' on His Hill, why noy? i do not mind! Actually it is an 'honour' for ANYONE! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dear Katherina Ji/ Thank you for the 'personal message' (wonder what kind of 'personal' stuff it is when it comes thru the group!!!)

Anyways, since i take it as 'personal', anyway (since we are NOT separate, ANYWAYS!), i feel free to bring it to a 'personal' level!! OK?

”Personal message: I was just having a conversation about how hard and difficult some people's lives are or seem even when they could make things easier for themselves.
Well, for those who ‘see’ the surface, my life may ‘seem’ to be difficult here in His land of wonders, BUT IT IS NOT, despite ALL the surface ‘hardships! If I tell you more about how I am being treated by the ‘authorities’ (ONLY a few, of course!), you will REALLY LAUGH and may not even believe what you read! So I keep quiet for now!
Only one thing is ‘true’ about the above statement: IF I was after things that MOST people are after, I would not have such problems and would live a very ‘comfortable’ (BUT ‘juiceless’ life) here!

I'm not talking about being irresponsible but rather not taking on or demanding too much out of life.
Well, but I AM talking ‘responsibility’ here! And THIS is what makes the difference!
If you are to fulfil your ‘social/divine’ responsibility, in a place where things ‘supposed to be based on love /service and HONESTY’, then you MUST be in trouble! This is THE LAW of it! And I am getting ready for the consequences! We only live once (in this body!) and if Baba wants my ‘blood’ on His land, I better offer it, myself!

Kudos to those that want to challenge themselves and better themselves in one way or another but don't bitch if it gets too difficult because there's always an easier way.
I do not know what ‘Kudos’ means, but I am sure about ONE thing: there is NO easier way, when it comes to fulfilling our divine responsibility! Doubt it? Look at the life of ALL the RESPONSIBLE men/women of history: from Joan of Arc, to Hazrat Ali ....and Malcom X and...... (add MANY who have been killed/assasinated by the 'Islamic' regim in Iran, and many other dictatorial regimes! (There is a good range of all these beings, from the most well known to the least known!)

So, please, for the worldly matters, there MAY be ‘always an easier way’, BUT, when it comes to REAL love and service, in a corrupt society, there is ONLY one way: SEEMINGLY ‘difficult way’, but the most superb way = to offer what you have for the Beloved (after all He had given this life to us and the best we can do is to offer it back to Him = TRUTH)

PS, and PLEASE, i am NOT 'bitching', when i report the events! It is a report, and if it 'sounds' so, you take it as its 'nature' ( "No News is Good News"! Except 'NEWSOFLOVING' of course!!!) (posted there too!!)
Jay Baba


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