Friday, December 15, 2006

On 'dreams' and their 'practical implications/APPLICATIONS'!!!

15/12/2006 /21:25

Yesterday, received a letter, from a dear sister in our Real Family (Baba’s), living in USA…(in BOLD) Since it contains some ‘practical implications’, with her kind permission, will post it here….Any comment, etc is appreciated….Jay Baba

Jai Baba Brother Mo I had a dream last night and you were in


Wow, JAY BABA the proximity matters not.... i am almost

sure that a few souls, round HERE, do see me in their dreams

too. Why?! Because i see them in mine! ('As what?', only Baba

and their unconsciousness know!) Dreams are wonderful to

reach those dark corners and shed light, with love, on them.

Seemed that we knew each other from prior lives, and

though I do not recall details, the impression I had was that

you were very much a charge-man for Baba and you were very

reassuring to me.

Glad to hear this, let us say that 'dreams are only dreams' (no

reality!), YET, we can 'know' each other in THIS life-time and

be 'God's Charge-Person' and be supportive and reassuring

for each other.

This dream certainly CAN have practical implications/

applications. If we 'apply' the symbols and the concepts

involved in our dreams, then we can live better, without

'worry' and ' Be Happy'! Yes, i have tested it and it works....

Wanna test the tested?

I have had a very bad time lately with things in my life, and of

course I blame it all on Baba who seems to have lost all

interest in this poor soul.

You certainly can afford to blame it on God!

Why not?! ~

After all, He had made us to love Him/Her.... yet, this Path of

love is NOT easy to LIVE. Why Hafez says " Love Appeared

To Be Easy, FIRST..." ?

i can understand your "bad time with things in life...', yet to be

honest and frank with you, i must say that blaming things on

'others' (including Baba!), does NOT relieve us from our

human responsibilities......And playing 'poor me' is not going to

solve the problem FROM THE ROOT!!!

How can Baba loose interest in ANY soul? Yet, from the

experience we had before, when a soul becomes 'special' (

false self), then problems continues and worsen. No?! So

please my dear , take OFF the blame, even from your

own false-self, and replace it with assuming the

responsibility. Yet this responsibility, logically and divinely,

MUST be first toward the REAL SELF..... So, when it comes to

'selfishness/sacrifice', one must be VERY careful to choose

/decide FOR the real self, rather than the ego..... (self, with all

its 'interests')

Just wanted to share that with you. Hope you have a

blessed day. In His Care

Thank you so much for the inspiring sharing and the same

with you...This morning Arti was good, yet, had to use the bell,

because they forget to lower the voice volume, near the tomb!

Yours in Him....Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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