Monday, December 25, 2006

2007 and Iranian people suffering by the stupid ones!

The cartton is posted above!!!

Jay Baba all... Merry His birthday.....wonderful times here in Meherabad, in various aspects.....Thanks to The Captain......wish had more time to write more..... the following is a post i HAD TO WRITE, about my other blog (NewTune4NewMan) (someone is posting there, not me!) and before that, i post this cartoon which is very FRESH, for the season..... As i read the news, 2007 will be a 'tough' time for Iranians in Iran, the sanctions will make people suffer MORE than now....This cartoon expresses how some 'stupid' people can make others suffer....
Jay Baba

who is posting here?

Jay Baba, PLEASE! i did not post the previous post EITHER!!! Strange, even when i changed the password, still SOMEONE out there can post into this blog, WITHOUT my permission and consent! Please do not do so!
Thank you!


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