Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is happening at The Magic Hill these days?

Jay Baba… The answer is , "A LOT' __ in various aspects.

The most obvious scene, physically, is the preparation for the BIG celebration, The Amartithi, 31st Jan.. The area near the railway station is cleaned and water supply is set for the 'Baba Mall', where many stalls will sell various Baba-related things + the 'belly-related' ones! The area near the Samadhi (POWER HOUSE) is also cleaned and getting ready for the large shade and the bars for the QUEUE!!

Large number of people are expected to arrive for the event and ARE arriving, slowly, slowly! Everyday, new shining faces are arriving and it is such a joy the see and meet them. There is a group of Argentineans, 17 young people, who arrived last week and are singing together very harmoniously, one of them sings the lead and plays guitar and they sing together Spanish Baba-songs. They are very lively and lovely, full of joy and devotion for Baba. Most of them are here for the first time and some have been here before. Iranians are also arriving from USA and Iran and Australia. Dr. King is one of those souls whom I like to know and write about…. May be later, when I get to know him better. Today, Virginia, a senior lovely 'Baba-lover', (whom we celebrated her 90th birthday in Oct.) was at the dining hall for lunch and since her native tongue is Spanish, was brought as a 'special guest' to meet the group. After lunch the whole group started to play and she also stood up to dance and Tony and a few others joined the dance and it was very sweet to see her smiling and dancing. Very loving energy all around. Then I had pleasant conversations with two sisters from USA and it was nice to know their stories with Baba.

Bhauji, the chairman, had called for a meeting with all residents and at 4 pm we all gathered in the MPC to see what is the meeting about. As usual, he talked about spiritual training program and how he 'miserable failed' in his last two attempt to make this a reality and properly understood by all. WHO can guess the outcome of this 3rd attempt?

He did not say anything 'new' (except for one young American brother, which this is his first trip!) The rest of the audience were MOSTLY senior residents ranging from 30+ years living in Meherabad, to most new ones like one dear Irani brother, sitting next to me.

I tried to count the number of people present and it came to about 125 people (VERY RARE KIND OF SOULS ) (first time I see us all together in ONE PLACE!) The interesting point for myself was that out of this number, there were about 12 people who hate me very much and about 12 who love me very much! And the rest, I suppose as a 'bell shaped curve' are distributed along the curve path!!!

There will be two more such meetings and I just wish and pray to The Captain that Bhauji can use the time for some 'practicalities; and not only formalities and theories which these people have mostly read in his book, "Spiritual Training Program"! Ameen.

Otherwise it would be just another 'miserable failure' and shows that the Trust and all its 'power' cannot bring understanding and LOVE among people who all 'claim' to love Baba! As I have said/wrote many times, If sister L or brother J cannot see Baba in me or others, whom she/he hates very much, then HOW on earth she/he can claim that they have understood/love Baba?! No matter how many years they have been here and 'served', it is all taking them AWAY from Baba, as He says, IF they bring their 'egos' into the picture and their 'service' becomes a BIG 'I', for them. That is why we need to recite repeatedly the 'repentance prayer' and ask His forgiveness 'for ALL HYPOCRISY'!!

In case Bhauji reads/hear about this post, I like to remind him of the need for that department, which he mentions is the book, a place where I can go and tell the coordinator, "I feel sister M hates me a lot and since I love her, this hatred might give her a cancer. What can we do about it?" And then the coordinator may contact the sister and asks her 'Why do you hate your brother Mo?' Whatever she says, plus other 'fact finding tasks', might be useful to resolve this interpersonal 'knot' in her heart, and this will surely improve the 'overall love-energy level', in Meherabad.

Jay baba



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