Friday, January 13, 2006

Mastery in what? مهربابا مرشد چی بود؟

14/01/2006 / 05:34

Mastery in what?

When Baba is our MASTER, then we need to remember that His mastership was/is/will be in SERVITUDE, and not ANYTHING ELSE. Because love can be expressed ONLY by service. And NOT only serving those who we ‘have to’ serve (worldly responsibilities = wife, children, parents, country, company, etc.), BUT those whom we can SEE GOD in them! When GOD is indivisible, HOW can IT (yes, no gender!) be NOT in the person whom we dislike (to put it mildly!, in reality, if the war-lovers could see GOD in those who slaughter, they would not commit the shameful action!) ....


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