Monday, January 30, 2006

What a Meher Baba! عجب مهربابایی است این مهربابا!

30/01/2006 / 21:15

Wow, wow, wow….What a Meher Baba is theis Mehr Baba! Huuuuuuuuu……….

This morning we, about 25 Iranians and a few non-Iranians were watching the Farsi dubbed of a film of Baba, called The Human face of God? (If I remember correctly!) So wonderful and mostly on Baba’s works with the Masts……. Wonderful…. Good news for Iranians………. Then home and ate and went out to attend a ‘briefing session’ for the ‘audio help group’! we put microphones in front of the performers. Time is so precious in these days, even seconds count! Then saw the stalls near the railways. Very interesting, sugar-cane juice 3 Rs each! Went to the old PC and it is for the elderly and people who have problems moving freely. So crowded is the whole place. Back home and rested, since the program started at 2:30 pm….. nice music, dances, theatre, films…… played the daff along with the music groups and it seems that people like the sound of it………tonight am on ‘duty’ from 11 pm to 1:00 am. After 12 midnight there is ‘open mic’ session and everybody can come up the stage and sing or play…. So I help to set up the microphone in front of them. Again from 5-7 am I have volunteered to do the same ‘duty’. So from 1-5 am I am free to bike around the place and see the changes and meet new people. Indians are arriving in great numbers and they sleep in open air and take shower before they go to visit Baba’s tomb …… it must be a scene not to miss. So I better post this and run out to catch up with the programs. My name was on the list to sing a ‘song’, on Feb.2 at 10:20 am , for 5 minutes! My first (or actually second) public performance! But this ‘public’ is MUCH different with any other ‘public’!! we all share the love and respect for Baba, in our own ways, and it is so lovely to be herenow! 30/01/200621:44MagicHill…..


Blogger maryam said...

when i read this writing tonight
i wish i wewre there. u are so lucky that u are there now.
12:56 PM  

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