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spiritual movements and DARK FORCES=نهضت های معنوی و نیروهای اهریمنی

03/02/2006 / 09:42

in His name and Love…. Yesterday morning VERY interesting and revealing thing happened, which I need to express here, again for the sake of record, hoping the ‘devils’ do not try to wipe out this record!

Brother Reza at breakfast told me that there will be a meeting for a new committee on Babe’s translations in Persian and as he had invited me by email about 2 months ago, he asked me to be there at 9:30. BUT when I went to the table, Peter Booth asked me to ‘leave’!! I asked him ‘why?’ and he said ‘because WE are appointed to make this committee and you cannot be here!’ )he is hiding behind some 'unknown' figures. And if he means him and Merwan Jessawala, i am 100% SURE that brother Merwan has no objection for my participation in such committee. Who else can object, except the fearful dark hearts?!

I asked ‘by whom you are appointed?’ his reply was even more interesting, ‘none of your business’!! so amazing! Then I had to tell him my feeling: ‘ because you hate me!’, in a loud voice so a few other could hear too. Of course he denies it in public, but in ACTION? It shows ANYWAY. Before this, I asked him at a table, ‘did you give the copy of my passport to Mr. Tagad?’, ‘No’, was his reply. Asked him ‘do you know WHO had given it?’ he said ‘zero’! His first answer may be right, but the second one CANNOT be true, because I am SURE he knows who had done it and yet he denies. Yes, Pat Summer from the trust office had given it, but HOW Peter is unaware of this?, Impossible with the whole story developing as it is!…..James Z., being ‘one of his men’ and coming last week to my home with the fear of himself ‘and others’ being in ‘trouble’ because of me, reveals the plan of ‘devil agents’ to kick me out of this place!

BUT I am sorry for them because they are fighting a loosing battle! I told Bhauji at our meeting at 11:00 am yesterday that, ‘even if Baba wants my blood here, I am ready for it and welcome it.’ Sometimes in history, ONLY blood can show who was right and who was wrong! (NOT a ‘moral’ issue, but a very practical day to day fact of life, as it is happening here!)

As ALL other organized religions, Baba’s religion of love and service is also BECOMING organized, __slowly slowly, BUT SURELY, by loveless/hateful people like Peter, BEHIND the scene’…..

I even sensed Bhauji’s UNease, when it came to dealing Peter Booth in this case. I asked Bhauji, ‘did YOU appointed him?’ and I KNEW the answer! He is a ‘self-appointed BOSS’ or his orders to deal with me and other ‘sensitive cases’ comes from American embassy in Delhi, or directly from Washington D.C….., OR from his nasty loveless heart. Does not matter which, the reason and results is the same…. We shall find out which, as we go along! I requested a meeting with PB and Bhauji to resolve this issue once and for all, and Bhauji agreed, YET, we shall see when and HOW this meeting will take place. I am waiting to be called for this meeting.

Here is a VERY complex issue at hand: LOVE vs. HATE, peace vs. war. I just mentioned very briefly in the meeting with Bhauji that if Baba’s ARMY is a real thing, those who live off war and selling weapons, will be out of business! What is the need for CIA or Pentagon when peace and love rules? History shows that the ‘dark forces’ try their best to take over ANY spiritual place, behind the scene of course, and make it a ‘business-oriented’ ‘resort’ or ‘retreat’, to make money and enjoy their material possessions, and they do not give a damn to the REAL teachings of the Master or the Avatar. I have NEVER seen Peter in the darshan line, or up the Hill, except for his duty! Does he ever repent, and ask for ‘……..still yet more’ of Baba’s love?! I doubt it and his action in THIS case shows the opposite. One American sister, a senior Baba-lover says that he has a ‘superiority complex’! How such sick mind CAN be ever loving, in TRUE sense of the word? Impossible with such dis-ease. He was even very nervous to look at me and avoided my look at lunch time!

If a person like Peter B. cannot practice love in action, with a person like me, what is his role here? Planting trees and managing water supply can be done by ANY loveless engineer! But since he involves himself in Public relations affairs and decides who can be in a meeting and who cannot, this is a criterion to show his sincerity, or his hypocrisy. If I, as a professional translator, can be excluded to participate in a meeting about Baba’s translation into Farsi, by a person like PB., then this committee is a ‘political’ one and NOT a ‘technical’ one and it NOT qualified to do the job!

........Bhauji called Farshid and reminded him that ‘this is NOT a community, but a FAMILY’ and stressed that we shall not use this word ‘community’ for Baba’s Family and if we hear others using this word, we shall remind them of the fact. He also reminded him tha 'no one should be excluded'.......This is also very interesting because I also feel this FAMILY feeling here, and as ANY family, brothers and sisters can be jealous of each other and even try to KILL one another (the loveless/hateful ones of course!) (The very symbolic story of the first son of Adam(Habeel) being murdered by his brother (Ghabeel), shows the other side of the ‘family relationship’!

So the sweet fruit of the meeting with Bhauji was that I shall translate some other books and for the time being, I will make The Extract of Avatar Meher Baba’s Teaching available for ALL, freeeeeeeeee………. Hurayyyyyyy…….. See how Baba directs the hearts (even the hateful ones, to do their share in this play!) {if PB knew his hateful behaviour to me would result in such ‘free release of light’ into the darkness, he would probably reconsider his foolish act of excluding a ‘professional’ from that committee.} it is also interesting that Mehdokht, who also ‘hates’ me much and had translated one of Bhauji’s books,__ WITH MANY errors ( a truly lousy job!)___ can be in the meeting, and I shall be excluded! Fine for me! Only time and history shows who works for Baba and who works for the ‘dark forces’! will write more…. Post this before the power is gone…. Jay Baba………Huuuuuuuuuuuu Babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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