Sunday, April 23, 2006

Love and spiritual progress

Jay Meher Baba
after being away from the 'town' for 2 days, the following was found in my inbox, which i love to share with all.....Thanks brother David for it.
Dear All in Him (including wife...):
I think this letter of Baba's to Rano says something very important. First you go for love of the Beloved, then understanding comes naturally, not the other way around.
Jai Baba,

Ahmednagar, Oct. 19. 1934

My dearest Kemali,

I have your letter of Sept. 25th.
The growth of Love naturally tends to growth of "understanding",
and all that you now feel and experience anew shows a distinct growth
in love, and which people ordinarily would term "Spiritual progress".

My love will always help you understand life and its varied
experiences better, and teach you to take things calmly, placidly and
in a cheerful mood, which is no small achievement. Years of Yoga
practices (in meditation and concentration) aim at that, but the love
and personal contact with a Perfect Master can achieve, in a
comparatively small period, what other practices can hardly do in
years. You needn't feel anxious for that.

You are very very lucky - to what extent, you will realize later
on. Meanwhile, just try to love me and think of me, and leave things
to me.

All my love to the dear ones at your end, and also to yourself.

MS Irani


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