Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A simple REAL Baba story

Jay Baba, past two days in the morning i went to the local school here to do some volunteer work. Yesterday we did some ABC with the kids and this morning i played the Tabla machine for them + some daff to excersise the bodies..... it is much fun watching the kids and the interaction with us.....
Now i got this 'real story' of how Baba comes to our lives..... simple, yet very 'touching'... hereby i invite ALL His lovers to send me their own 'stories' of how Baba came to their lives (or How they met Baba) Thank you Satish Jaan! ('stresses' are mine!) Jay Baba

Dear Brother Mohsen,

My story with Baba is very very simple. You might wonder that Baba had been with me even before I heard His name "Meher Baba". Since early childhood I began to feel that "some" power is helping, guiding, me and manifesting as my poems.essays and other medium of fine arts and literature. I thought that it was my sheer destiny or good/bad luck. I read nearly all the philosophers, both old amd new; kept performing my dairy rosaries as rituals, but with faith and conviction about God's existance. All of a sudden, just I retired from government service (in 1999), accidently attended one Baba function at Lucknow. I then realised that it was Meher Baba who had been behind everything witch happend to me in my life.

My dear, my story may seem astonishing, but let me put it in the following way:

There are three stages to realise Meher Baba as God. First, you have to "beleive' in God and His existance. Second, you have to convince yourself wholeheartedly that HE may be both formless and in-form. Thirdly, you have to understand the princile of Avatarhood. All these are of course, mental excersise, but you have to undergo though it because we can discard "mind'. Human are said to be mental beings. When Baba says "anihialation of mind", He means the "complete harmony between mind and heart"

So dear, there is nothing special about me. Just an ordinary man with all the vices and much less vertues.
I am very much touched by your bogs compaign. I guess you are a Media person, and I look upon you as a friend in the vast ocean of internet, who is doing just the things which Baba said to Jean Andriel (I hope i have spelled her name correctly; see the book 'The Avatar' by her). Thus:
Saluting Him in you


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