Sunday, July 23, 2006

MORE clarification on the Silence Issue!

Jay Baba..... the following comment was also received (in italic) and my response to it follows it:

I know there would be many musicians who would disagree with a silence
rule at Baba's Samadhi!
I would definitely miss hearing all the prayers and
musical praise.

Sorry to hear such comments, which only shows i FAILED to convey my point.....
i am not a musician but play percussion and daff REGULARLI in the artis..... MUSIC, DANCE, SOUNDFUL expressions of emotions (laughter, crying weeping, etc...) ARE FINE + OK + even DESIREABLE.......

my point was/is ONLY the usual CHITCHATTING ="Hello, How are you/ havn't seen you for long! how are you doing? how is your wife/husband? how is.... ?? when did you arrive......?????? AND IN A LOUD VOICE , as in a cafe!

Clear enough, i HOPE SO!

PLEASE forget about the 'rule', it is VERY SIMPLE COMMON sense, IF you see it in the context of 'THE HUB'!!!!!
Thank you


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