Friday, January 26, 2007

George Carlin on religion/ ONLY for 18+ Mature ones!

Dear ALL
Jay baba.....found the following link , as usual, like to share it. Please note the SUBJECT above and if you do not qualify, please IGNORE this message.

i am NOT responsible for the language used! (although it is a common thing in American culture!) Yet for the FUN & truth of it, it is worth watching!

Just think, AFTER watching the show, that IF, this Man is a 'baba-lover'. or NOT?! (NOT limiting Baba to His form, i mean i.e. Baba = TRUTH ) (even in some some unusual wrapping!)

Well, here you are, enjoy the show and PLEASE make sure you do not hold me responsible for his way of talking!)
(Puritans and Moralist are NOT to watch it!)

George Carlin on religion


Blogger drunk said...
در خرابات مغان
نور خدا می دیدم!...؛
کانچه خود داشت، ز بیگانه تمنا می کرد؛
سوز دل، اشک روان، آه سحر، ناله ی شب...؛
گفت آن روز که این گنبد مینا می کرد!...؛
9:21 AM  

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