Sunday, February 18, 2007

Freedom of Expression in India

Jay Meher Baba ALL
Just received a letter from a BabaYahooGroup, which like to share with all, herenow:
it refers to the previous posts on this blog. So just understanding what she says may make a BIG difference....This was my response to her and other group members:

"................How thankful i feel for the precious words of lakshmi narayana

It relieved me from much work of explanation.
Please get her message of = Enjoy His Love. Everything and anything is a part and parcel of His Divine game.
........ If we talk about LEELA, then this IS one. Happened to be happening on THIS HILL!
i always invite the friends and all, " you just please relax and enjoy the show!" and they GET what i mean. And many are just doing THIS, NOW!

ONE thing i need to express here, more explicitely, that i truly appreciate the freedom of expression in THIS Sacred Land of Bharata. NO where else on earth,individuals and masses are MORE free to express their feelings, thoughts and inspiration.
So i am very thankful to Baba AND all who are maintaining such atmosphere.

So hope her comment is useful for those who are not at ease with my writings. As she recomends
Enjoy His Love

Jay Baba
brothe Mohsen from Iran, Meherabad, Bharata
2. Re:..... Re: A Real Funny Story
Posted by: "lakshmi narayana"
Date: Sat Feb 17, 2007 5:15 pm ((PST))

Jai Baba to all His Lovers in the Group

Brother/Sister (I dont know mohsen khatami's gender) Mohsen Khatami wrote his opinion about " Slience" and now on this Daff, and he had his own liberty to express the things what he felt or experienced.

Of course, every body has a right to express and it is not yet all a crime.

If one disagree with ones' opinion, simply ignore them and do not take them as a serious matter and please don't drag the issue, a pin to a pole.

Enjoy His Love.
Everything and anything is a part and parcel of
His Divine game.

Jai Baba to all
Lakshminarayana. Gobburi. (Los Angles)


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