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A Real Funny Story from MeherAbad

Jay Meher Baba

My objectives of writing this story are:

1. To prevent further incidents (it was NOT the first time that I heard lies, and the instruments I played with disappeared during certain periods and appeared later on!)

2. To keep my written words (on Jan. 31st 2007, I wrote a note for DD that 'if the Daff is not found by Feb. 1st, I WILL write about it'.)


Please read it in a 'fun spirit' and enjoy Baba's 'games' we play here. NO COMPLAIN, only reporting on what is happening behind the scene! It has a 'sad side' to it too, but what to do? Life has BOTH, sadness and happiness, and Meherabad, as Baba said, 'is a microcosm of the world'. So please take it easy and leave the sadness to the person(s) who is(are) 'responsible' to CREATE such story(ies). Wish some one could relate it to them, so they stops playing such childish games in future!

Now the story, as it happened, WITHOUT any 'judgment' about the person responsible, only about THE ACTIONS!

On Jan.29th, when I attended the evening Arti, the usual scene was changed for the coming event, (The 38th Amarthiti, Baba's dropping the body on Jan.31.1969) = all the cup-boards & closets were gone and the hanger which Baba's drum (Daff) was hung on it, were removed to the main stage, to make room for the crowd, for the mass darshan. I asked a few people who work there about Baba's Daff and no one seemed to know where that was.

I went to the stage and could not find it there.

Next day, again I asked brother Hardip and he did 'not know' where the daff was. Went to Mansari room, hoping to find it there. No luck. Then I had to 'bother' sister DD, who everyone knows that she is 'The Boss' there! She said, right 5 feet away from Baba's tomb, 'I do not know'!

"Strange! WHO could have taken it?" Again I asked all who COULD have a clue, but no one had ANY idea how it was missing and WHERE it could be kept! Since this was NOT the first time, I knew it was SOMEWHERE, HIDDEN!

On Jan 31st, I used my own Daff in the programs and sent a note for sister DD, (whom I am 999% sure that she gave the order to 'hide' it) that '…If it is not found by tomorrow morning, I will write about this funny story…' and hence this story!

Same evening I went to her and asked about the missing Baba's daff (it was donated by an Irani brother to Baba's Samadhi) (My tambourine was also inside the case, and people used to enjoy the combination of their sounds!) Now she said something even MORE FUNNY, "Do not bother me Mister! I am ONLY responsible for inside the Tomb (after the wooden threshold, inside the shed area), NOT for the OUTSIDE of it"!!!!

Wow! Do you get the 'wisdom'?!! It means that the Samadhi building is divided into TWO sections: Before the threshold, and After the threshold! And DD is ONLY responsible for what is happening 'INSIDE' that small room!!!! What a NEW nice self-made division!!! And this is 'something'!!! Because while ago, when I wanted to take the laminated Samadhi Rules-Sheet, from the cup-board to the outside bench, (to show to a few people who were breaking the silence right next to the 'Silence Please' sign,) she, in a loud voice, prevented me from doing so, and I did not want to break the silence and argue with her that 'I am NOT taking it home! Only to show them and will put it back'!!

And interesting enough, EVERY ONE, who has been around the Samadhi and in Meherabad long enough, know very WELL how she is 'in charge' of EVERYTHING up The Hill! She is a member of the Hill Committee, too!

(And Since her husband is also 'in charge' of the Indian pilgrims and workers, she is a 'boss figure' ANYWAY!) Now, limiting her 'responsibility' ONLY to that small room is just very very 'funny', if not SAD! (ONLY justifying her 'innocence' for the disappearance of Baba's Daff!)

On Feb.2nd, at morning Arti, brother Ward told me that there is a Daff in Study Hall! And I did not follow up the matter, because I knew it will 'fly back' to its usual place, soon!!!

So, as expected, the next day, when the function was completely over, and after brother Khodada's follow up, finally The daff appeared on the hanger. The question is: WHO ordered that it shall be hidden in the Study Hall, and be brought back, BUT sister DD?

Now we come to the 'sad' part of the story: some people, who have lived here long enough and are familiar with the 'power structure', ask me 'why she does that?'

To be truthful and honest to all, I must express my own feeling about it, right now: to make a point clear, as I have sent 'private messages' to them before, NOT effective so far!

The fact is, that the 'Baba Priests' (Dastoor = Zartoshtian Priest) THINK that I am a 'competitor' for them, and have tried their best to get rid of me, by all means! (No need to mention all their useless efforts, up to now = 08/02/2007, 00:54 !)

Despite my earlier 'private messages' for them, they are still ignorant of the fact that I AM NOT in this 'business', AT ALL! If my appearance is causing some simple hearted Indians and non-Indians to feel love, affection and respect for me, this is NOT my fault! I just do not DESTROY ('shave') what God= Nature had grown on my head and face!!! IF I had such ambition and was in such 'business', I HAVE had good enough opportunities, in Iran and in Pune, to establish my own 'shop' and I could be a 'successful businessman' in THIS field! BUT I AM NOT into it! My work for God is of a different nature, and I am grateful for it.

So now, hoping that some one could relay this message to them, I leave it to Beloved Baba to make them understand that they shall NOT worry about ANY competition on my part! They can have it ALL!

I end up with our repentance prayer "….for all lies….", {She KNEW where the Daff was, and she KNEW that her 'responsibility' __even if self-created__ goes BEYOND that small room __}, wishing that the next time we pray, we become watchful of our own 'thoughts, words and deeds'! Ameen, Oh Baba ji….. IF I am wrong in what I said, someone out there, please help out of this illusion, by proving me wrong! Ameen!

At the very end, I like to share a Sufi poetry, which just came to my mind, and could serve as a 'warning' for those who STILL do not SEE the reality of things and may be determined to try their 'usual ways' of getting rid of this 'poor man' in Meherabad: (they do NOT know that I have come here to GIVE everything, and NOT to 'gain' anything, and am ready to give my life for TRUTH=Baba!)

"Cheraghi ra ke IZAD bar foruzad / Har ankas POF konad rishash besuzad!" = (meaning)

"The light that God/Izad had lit /whoever blows to put off, his beard will be burnt" (or her hair will burn!)

May ALL Be Happy in His Grace

Jay Baba

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