Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Silence , Iranians in Meherabad

Jay Baba...long time, no post, HERE! Elsewhere i was busy!
The New site requires MUCH careful attention (Figuring out my content and categorizing them into working links is something challenging and sometimes frustrating, but thanks to the LOVE behind it, it goes fine, for the time being.

silence issue Iranians in Meher abad

silence Iranians Meherabad

06/03/2007 /09:59

Up at 3:30 am and did some sorting in the Mombo-site! Such a struggle! Went for morning Arti. Amazing enough, for those who follow the ‘silence Issue Up The Hill’, after the songs and the powerful ‘Happy Trail‘, the air was even more ‘noisy’ than ever! Not any ‘Bad talks’, actually sweet and friendly and warm chats, YET LOUD!

(Where 1 meter away hangs this sign = SILENCE PLEASE!!!) Joined the queue, to go INSIDE (where DD is/was ‘responsible’ for!!!) While waiting, again with closed eyes you could hear loud greeting and laughter, etc…. Had to use the bell a few times!! ,,,,it helped….actually…... and thanks Baba no one asked me NOT TO!

Mercy BabaJi

On the way to MPR (as Bahram was explaining the meaning! = M = Mehrban (Baba) / P =Peer=Master (e = of) R = Rah (The Path), stopped the bike and walked with two Irani brothers who had been here a few days and since I was at home, could not have a chance to meet them. It is Very interesting that the number of Iranians visiting Meherabad since last year has been increasing rapidly. Almost every month new faces! And during this Amarthiti (Jan./Feb 2007 on), there were about 70 of us, from all over the globe. One of them told me that I do not look like Iranian. Yes, I look more ‘American’, or ‘international’, than an Irani! But Pendu calls me ‘Irani’, and I like it! The fact that this place is the ONLY PLACE ON EARTH, where being Irani is a ‘plus’ and NOT a ‘minus’, make it quite ‘home’ for all Iranians and other nationals. And THIS is the miracle of this place = Each individual, regardless of the colour, race, nationality, etc, feels AT HOME here!

At breakfast table, Peter = Mr.Kiss! was telling his story with Baba, which had been an early childhood affair, when he had realized he had been born in a ‘wrong family’!

I wish the brother could record and write about it in his Safar-Nameh = ‘Trip Diary’.

The Dining Hall looked ‘empty’ this morning, compared to the last two ‘full’ months!

Staying here this summer could be a great experience. Back to Mambo!!

10:27 Jay Baba


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