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Avatar Mehr Baba and ... .یک مطالعه ی مقایسه ای بین تعالیم مهربابا و سخنان ....

16/01/2006/ 09:52

A brief comparative content analysis of words teachings of Avatar Meher Baba and OshoRajneesh .


Men are known and judged by their words and actions. To pass judgements on men of fame is the hardest thing, so often done EASILY, by limited information about their lives. This study is based on my first hand experience of hearing the words and witnessing the effects of these words of Avatar Meher baba and the 'imperfect master', Osho Rajneesh, on human psyche. Wishing it can serve as a source of information about these two Indian contemporary figures.

Intended audience

Three major types of people are intended for this study to be useful to:

  1. So-called 'Baba-lovers', who range from ..... those whom like myself, owe a sincere gratitude to Osho, (may be this study is a debt-paying!) who was the information-medium for them to understand, FEEL and find Meher Baba __ in teachings AND in practice; ..... to ..... those who 'hate' Rajneesh! (more on this topic, in the content of this study.)
  1. So called 'Osho-sannyasins', who have heard 'good things' about Meher Baba from Osho, BUT they are so 'ego-centric', 'blissfully ignorant' about THE REAL THING, and so' superficially happy' with their 'new life'__ as 'Osho-sannyasin', that cannot see the better possibility of surrendering to a REAL God (end of EGO).
  1. Those who know nothing, or very little about Baba and Osho, and like to know.
{Note, i do not know when and HOW i will finish this project, if ever! So, i shall post whatever i produce, bit by bit....} Any comment?


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